Could You Pass Drivers Ed?

Hey!!! i made this quiz to help me study for my drivers ed final retake because i failed it the first time i took it!! so hopefully you do better that i did. also Chelsea failed too so i don't feel lyk such an idiot. just throwin that out there lol

So.... it looks lyk it's time for you to find out if all that studying acutally paid off?? how well do you think you'll do?? grab a driving partner and lets get this show on the road!! lol

Created by: maggi

  1. People confronted with negative peer pressure often find it difficult to
  2. A person must have a BAC (blood alcohol content) of at least .08 percent in many states to be charged with
  3. What law requires a driver to automatically give consent to be tested for BAC if arrested on suspicion of DUI or DWI?
  4. The purpose of a rumble strip is to
  5. What roadway markings are used to guide your driving path?
  6. In a vehicle with automatic transmission,
  7. What does comprehensive insurance cover?
  8. If a tire is underinflated, the only part that grips the road well is the
  9. What rule is used to estimate your total stopping distance under ideal conditions?
  10. A turnabout maneuver is risky because
  11. Begin moving a manual transmission vehicle on an uphill grade
  12. When joining traffic by turning left, the gap to the left should be
  13. Injuries and deaths from motorcycle collisions are primarily from
  14. Rural roads are
  15. Traffic controls help you travel safely by
  16. Assume that the common speed on the expressway is above the posted speed limit. You should
  17. When your headlights shine into fog,
  18. When your vehicle starts to skid sideways,
  19. If your engine dies, causing a loss of power steering, what is the result?
  20. Carbon monoxide can enter from
  21. Alcohol is a
  22. The implied-consent law
  23. The blue book price is the

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