Laser Jammer 101 Final Test

Stupid drivers receive speeding tickets, whereas the smart drivers equip their car with the latest anti-ticket countermeasures. Are you a speeding ticket countermeasure pro?

Are you YOU a speeding ticket countermeasure professional? The laser gun and countermeasure industry is a pass/fail world. Find out if you have what it takes to let the other drivers get the tickets instead of you.

Created by: Chris
  1. How many pulses per second does a Kustom Prolaser III operate at?
  2. How many pulses per second does a Kustom ProLITE+ operate at?
  3. What is the pulse width of a Kustom ProLite+?
  4. "My radar detector will alert me whenever I'm getting hit by laser."
  5. At 1,000 feet, what is the typical beam diameter of a speed lidar gun.
  6. Who was the first person to document the Blinder M20's problem with jamming laser at long distances?
  7. The first US patent for a police laser jammer was granted to
  8. What state limits a LIDAR gun to be used at or below 1000 feet.
  9. What police laser gun displays "E04" when being 'jammed.'
  10. What police laser gun is NOT used in the USA.
  11. Laser jammers are illegal in the USA.
  12. Radar jammer are illegal in the USA.
  13. A police officer can obtain the speed of your car by targeting the rear of your vehicle with a laser gun
  14. What laser jammer is disguised as a parking sensor?
  15. What brand of laser jammer sells the most units worldwide?
  16. Out of the following laser jammers below, what jammer uses LED's.
  17. What laser jammer can NOT jam the Laser Atlanta when operated in stealth mode.
  18. What laser gun is limited to a maximum of 2,000 feet according to manufacturer specs.
  19. LaserCraft manufacturers speed lidar guns for...
  20. What company manufactured the original Kustom ProLaser.

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