Could you look after a dog??

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Dogs are the most common pets across the world and 9 in 10 people love dogs and 8 in 10 own own one :D Soooo do you have a dog? Thinking about getting one??

Sooooooo could you look after a dog, Obviously all Dogs are different and have, different needs and personalities but this is roughly based on a Labrador Retriver- mine infact he's called Duke :)

Created by: sammierox1997

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of all do you like dogs??
  2. Would you be able to walk the dog ast least twice a day??
  3. Would you pick up its Poopies?? :)
  4. Which do you prefer??
  5. You a good thrower???
  6. Would you sit and brush your dog at least once a month??
  7. Would you let them swim in the sea??
  8. Would you mind literally being followed everywhere you go??
  9. How often would you feed your dog
  10. Would you go out and play catch or frisbee or something along those lines with your dog?

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