Could you be a supermodel

The first inevitable characteristic of a supermodel would seem to be great fame. Nearly all definitions of a supermodel you will find –from sources as diverse as Wikipedia and Vogue Magazine– include prodigious fame among the things that separate a supermodel from the rest of her tribe of women whose profession is strutting on the catwalk and having their physical beauty captured on camera for use on magazine covers, on advertisements, in promotional videos, name it.

are you a supermodel find out here only 12 questions thats read this -It appears a supermodel would also have to be someone who appears on the celebrity list and is actually a peer of such celebrities as movie stars, music icons, sports stars.

Created by: poppyprisha15

  1. what colour eyes do you have?
  2. how long is your hair?
  3. what body shape ?
  4. size feet
  5. are you lazy?
  6. what clothes do u wear ?
  7. choose from the following
  8. choose from the following
  9. what iphone
  10. which would be your dream car

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