could you be a supermodel

there are very few people who are really gorgeous and have the looks to be a model you need good personal hygiene and look after your size too this may be. difficult for some people but others are just really naturally pretty.

are you one of those people take this test to find out just answer questions about how tall you are what your appearance is to be able to find out !!!

Created by: chloe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how tall are you
  2. what is your waist size in inches
  3. what is your hip size
  4. what is your bust in inches
  5. are you a confident person
  6. what's your hair color
  7. do you know who cara delgivine , candice swanepoel and adriana lima are
  8. are you pretty
  9. what are your eyebrows like
  10. do you have good hygiene (shower,brush teeth etc)
  11. what are your teeth like
  12. did you like this quiz

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