How Gorgeous Are You?

This is a quiz to test your physical beauty. It might have a slightly different idea of beauty than the general public, though. I'de assume a thin supermodel would get a 60% or a 70%...

Do you want to find out how beautiful you are? Then you should scroll down and start answering questions! This quiz is sure to give an-almost-accurate answer of how gorgeous you are.

Created by: anonymous
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  1. How wide are your hips?
  2. How full are your lips?
  3. How high are your cheek-bones?
  4. How long are your legs?
  5. What does your belly look like?
  6. What does your belly feel like?
  7. What do your legs look like?
  8. How big are your eyes?
  9. How small is your waist?
  10. Do you have a good jawline?
  11. What bra size are you? (The number before the size is what's closest to your age, i.e: 20 B-cup, and if says 'none' it means you don't wear a bra)
  12. What does your butt look like?
  13. What shape are your eyebrows?

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Quiz topic: How Gorgeous am I?