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  • Wow. I didnt think you could destroy someones self worth like that. I have low self esteem, and a 51 was just what I needed. I took it because I was expecting the end to say everyone is equally beautiful, but apparently not to you. Wow. Just. Wow.

    • I'm a 81 and this made me feel reallyyy good about my self since I have self esteem issues.

    • I took this quiz as a joke but answered truthfully and all I can say is wow. Shaming people because they look 'average'. Just wow. Great way to raise my already low self esteem. Just want to say for all you people who took this : You ARE beautiful, no matter what this quiz says. You don't need a quiz to tell you otherwise. Keep doing you because you are amazing and beautiful. <3 <3 <3

    • didnt anyone read the description???? it said PHYSICAL beauty not the inside beaty that actually counts if you want a quiz for that though youd have to find one that says "how beautiful is your PERSONALITY"

  • I think this is DISGUSTING I was expecting for you to say at the end that everyone is equally beautiful but being told that you are not pretty or just average is very bad on your self esteem. this is obviously not true ANY of it if you are reading this you ARE AMAZING AND GORGEOUS and whoever made this is just a dick!

  • Even though I'm above 60% it makes it seem as though it isn't good enough to just "be pretty" and that people less than hot should always be attempting to be something more.

    Fox Kirsten
  • On a scale of hotness of 0 to 100, you are 40%


    You're pretty average. Nothing amazing here. You look pretty much as hot as the average person.

    Well, that sucks :(


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