are you gorgeous, ugly, or average looking?

many people are judged by their looks. this quiz are for people who are wondering what people think about their looks. but no matter what your results are, be confident

do you think your gorgeous average or ugly? thanks to this quiz your about to find out! by the way, i'm emily and i posted the quiz discover your true personality so check that out if you like this quiz!

Created by: emily
  1. ok, first, your hair color is...?
  2. what color are your eyes?
  3. do you have acne?
  4. your hair is also...
  5. your face is shaped...
  6. what shape are your eyes?
  7. your skin is...
  8. makeup?
  9. your style is?
  10. outfit colors?
  11. do you wear nail polish?
  12. are you goth, emo, preppy?
  13. 2 more questions! how tall are you?
  14. last question! how much do you weigh?
  15. sorry! one more! do you think you are gorgous average or ugly?

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Quiz topic: Am I gorgeous, ugly, or average looking?