What is your "claim to fame"?

Fame can be described in endless ways. Infamous people count for something, but not much. Most people couldn't be famous, but what if you could be famous?

Find your claim to fame! If you could make it big, I can tell you how! You don't need to be an L.A. Hotshot to make it big! Note: sports are not included.

Created by: Disney4Life

  1. Which hobby do you (or would most like to) have?
  2. You often lie.
  3. Do you like Disney?
  4. (Sorry, that was kinda random.) How are your English grades?
  5. Who do you look up to the most?
  6. True or False? Following dialogue with "He said/she said" is a good idea.
  7. True or False? Actors are good liars
  8. True or False? Einsteinium is not a chemical.
  9. True or False? The Baroque era started in the 1400's
  10. True or False? Oil paints work well on canvas.
  11. True or False? Flicker paper is used for making sparks.

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Quiz topic: What is my "claim to fame"?