How fashionable are you?

Have you ever wondered about becoming a fashion designer or a supermodel? Or even if there's an art that your good at and it just might be fahion? Or if you could ever nickname yourself Fashionmister or Fashionista?

WORK IT QUIZZER!!! you'll learn how much fashion you know about yourself in a few minutes with this ingenius quiz. You'll be put to the ultimate test and see once and for all if you breathe fashion. So pump up that fashion sense and start taking this quiz!

Created by: Dee Dee
  1. Do you love clothes?
  2. Are you artisitc?
  3. Who is Yves Saint Laurent?
  4. Can you name five different pairs of shoes off of the top of your head?
  5. What are the three primary colors?
  6. What are the three secondary colors?
  7. Okay onto the tough stuff, What are warm colors?
  8. What are Cool colors?
  9. What is the complementary color for Red?
  10. What is chiffon?
  11. What is a Couture collection?
  12. True or false, 100 years ago a swimmer was arrested beacause of her bathing suit! Then, it was considered offensive for a woman to expose her arms, legs, and neck.
  13. True or false, A sarong can be worn by a boy or girl.
  14. Do you think you are fasionable?
  15. How big is your wardrobe?
  16. Have you ever read a fashion magazine?
  17. What is fashion to you?
  18. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How fashionable am I?