Are you a true fashionista?

Most people say that they are very fashionable, but this is usually a lie. Most people think they are but are not. I know! I used to think i was a fashion star, when i wasnt.

Are you a true fashionesta? Do you know as much as you think you know? Well find out by taking this quiz! You will love this quiz and it will show you how much of a fashion geniuse! ;)

Created by: Jess
  1. Would you put poka dots and stripes together?
  2. Do you think your fashionable?
  3. How much do you layer?
  4. What is your idéal going out outfit? (For night)
  5. What is your idéal school outfit? ( what you would hí¢ve worn if your not in school anymore )
  6. Date? Whats your outfit?
  7. No afect, do you like pie?
  8. What is your every day outfit?
  9. We are done now, please comment rate and share, will you? ( no afect )
  10. Bye! (No afect)

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fashionista?