Are you a nerd?

Some people are born to be cool, fashionable and obsessed with fashion and high heels from birth. Some peoples eyes glitter when they see high heels(ME!!), While some people there eyes glitter when they see tests and homework.

Are YOU fashionable, or are you a nerd or geek I wonder? Are you clever enough to make the teachers pleased, or are you fashionable enough to make ME happy(and believe me that is hard unless I see a love of my life!!) Until now you could only wonder, Take the quiz now and find out!!

Created by: abc123cde
  1. Do you have acne (spots)?
  2. Do you wear big round glasses?
  3. Do you have braces?
  4. Do you pull you're trousers up high?
  5. At school, Does maths interest you?
  6. At school, Does science interest you?
  7. At school, Does Technology interest you?
  8. At school, Do Computers interest you?
  9. How mature are you for you're age?
  10. What do you think of Bill Gates?
  11. What is your average grade in tests?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nerd?