Confessions Part 5

Hey buddy! Its part 5!!!! Omg!!!! I'm sexy and I know it! I'm sorry I like that song and its stuck in my head. Uhi hate these pharaghraphs! Blah! So so

Random word time! I love ponies eat pie smell good I love taylor laughtner I love wherewolfs......omg have you seen red riding hood? I love that movie!

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap: you see a girl kiss Colton. The movie starts in health and you get a text from........
  2. It was from Colton. 'Kaitlyn please let me explain! Please!' You don't reply. You put your fhone away and cry silently.
  3. ***FAST FORWARD*** you grab your lunch and walk to lunch. You see the girl all up on Colton again. He tells her something and she stomps off. You sit next to Angelica and you see the girl that kissed Colton. She had her lunch. You go up to her and pop her tray so the food goes on her and punch her on the gut. She falls. "That's what you get for kissing my boyfriend and making me cry." You say. She stands up and tries to go for a punch but you instead punch her in the face. Someone grabs you by the arm and you can tell its Angelica. You turn around and Jacksons standing next to her. The girl grabs your hair and you turn around and *SMACK* you back hand her in the face and she falls. You kick her and you run outside. Angelica and Jackson follows.
  4. You sit on the grass leaning agianst the tree. You see Angelica and Jackson running to you. Your crying agin. "Kaitlyn don't cry!" Says Angelica. "Man you kick some a**!" Says Jackson. Angelica smacks him on the arm and Jackson stands up and hugs you. 'He smells like vanilla!' You think he let's go and everyone starts coming outside.
  5. After school, you go over to Angelicas to hang out. You look in her car and notice that only 6 more days 'till homecoming. 'Its not like I care I'm not going!' You think. You get to her house and you see her brother. He's a senior at West View. He's about 6'0 with chocalate brown eyes,dirty blonde beiber hair,and has the right amount of musles for a senior. "Hey Kaitlyn" he says. "Hey Justin." You say. You walk into Angelicas room and you see a bunch of pictures of you and her,her and justin,and her and Jackson.
  6. You two hang ou for awhile and then you leave. You walk out the door and you see Justin passing the football in his frotn lawn with Colton!!!! 'Of couse! Justins on the football team too!' You think. Colton sees you and walks twords you. You start to walk but he starts jogging to you. You start start to jog and preety soon your running. Your cell phone ringand you answer it. "Hello?" "Kaitlyn please stop running and let me explain." Its Colton. You hang up and your almost at home. You get home and you went strait to your room. And cried yourself to sleep.
  7. The next morning,you wake up and get dressed. You grab a apple and head out the door with your bag. You just put your hair in a high pony. You get to school. And you see 5 more day 'till homecomeing. You sigh and walk to first period.
  8. That's it for part 5!!!!! Sorry I didn't make part 5 yesterday:( it wAs cause my laptop was acting rlly weird!!!
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  10. Bye!

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