Closer Together Part 8

Okay! I think all ya'll will really like this part! Lol sorry if there are any typos. (im still using my DSI) Please comment and rate! If you have any ideas for characters or anything put them in the comments! Wow this is part 8 ALREADY? XDD

You can skip this part i dont see why gotoquiz makes us do 2 paragraphs lol. I made this quiz while having the flu :c Anyway enjoy!!! and read on! I promise you that you wont regret reading this part!

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. Matt glanced at me. "I know more about this stuff than you guys think"he said quietly. "and i know whats special about you Skylar"he added. I felt confused. He started from the beginning "Ok Skylar, I know the dark side is out to get us but i dont know why. I just know there's a king. And YOUR what he wants."he said nervusly. "Why me?"I say scared. Matt took a deep breath and said "Your his daughter"
  2. He talks faster, "When you were 4, thats when we met. IN the dark side. My dad was savng you. You were more powerful than anyone in that kingdom. your father was going to kill you!"he said. The guys were watching us scared ad nervously. "You knew all this time..."I said to him. He stared at the ground "HOW COULD YOU!" i screamed at him, then raced out the door and kept running, I had tears streaming down my face. I fell on the ground crying. There's an emotion I was feeling. And its called heartbreak
  3. *JAKES POV* "Nice goin"I said to Matt. I knew he felt miserable enough. "Im sorry man"I said to him. He smiled half heartedly at me and left the room. I decided to go after Skylar. I ran in the direction i saw her go. After about 30 minutes I found her sitting against a tree crying. I wrapped my arms around her and said "Guess who". She smiled a little. "Hey Jake" she said. "Hey, i was worried about yo" i said gently. She blushed and then started to talk, "Ever got the feeling where you like someone but dont know how to show it or if you can trust thm?"she asked me. "I know exactly what you mean" I say quietly. I lean in and kiss her.She wraps her arms around me and we fall on the ground still kissing. After a minute we both pull away. Her lips were soft and smooth. Everything about her is beautiful. Inside and out,and im not gonna let'some punk king wit a attitude hurt her.
  4. *YOUR POV* One minute im crying on the groun,the next minute im kissing Jake. I blush and Jake grins at me. "What you lookin at!"I say while blushing and laughing at the same time. He kisses me one more time and then we both get up. (*holding hands*) We're silent on the way back. When we reach the house Jake winks at me, picks me up swiftly and carries me in the house. We're both laughing super hard. Matt walks in and looks at me sadly.Just then I see Garrett going to his room. I leaned up and whispered in Matts ear "Meet me at you room tonight" Then i ran off to Garretts room.
  5. *GARRETTS POV* Gosh I was mad at Matt. I mean sure i felt bad for him but STILL. I hear a noice and look up. Skylars perfect figure is standing in the doorway. I smile. "Whats up cutie?" I say, and blow her a kiss. She blushes and comes to sit with me. I kiss her and then pull away. "So whats up?Are you ok?" I say obviously concerned. "Somethin weird is going on..Like this morning. I coulda sworn I heard your voice in my head" She says.
  6. (*still garretts POV*) That jolted me. "The same thing happened to me this morning, like i could read your thoughts. Sorta like a power.." I tell her. She jumps up and says excitedly "Thats it!" "Uh whats it?" i ask confused. Then she starts to explain, and oh my gosh shes SO adorable when she explains. "Remember this morning? What Eric said!" she tells me. "Um that people call him a really stupid name?" I say with a grin. "No!" she said while laughing. She jumps into my lap and i grin. "This morning he said we all have powers but we have to find them!" she reminds me.
  7. She continues to talk. "Maybe we both are mind readers! Which would be awesome cuz i can play pranks on you guys by using your thoughts AND see all your thoughts about me" she says with a little laugh. I smile. "All my thoughts on you will be how cute you are" I say with a wink. She blushes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I grin and say "you missed" "Whadya mean i missed?"she asks with a little smile. I grin and kiss her on the lips. I dont pull away until we both have to come up for air. She blushes and jumps up "Lets go find Eric!" she says excitedly. I knew he would be in our library in this house. I grabbed Skylars hand and led her to the library. She smiles at me and gives me a quick kiss. I tell her im going downstairs to play a zombie game and she laughs and says "Cya later Mr.Zombie killer," I grin and give her anoter kiss before going downstairs
  8. *YOUR POV* I go into the library to find Eric. -Where the crap is eric!?- i think. I heard garretts voice -lol- he said in my mind. I see Eric sitting against a bokshelf. "Hey Eric, something weird has been goin on. Garrett could read my thoughts this mornin and i could reply back."I told him. He looked suprised. "That means he has already found his first power. Mind reading!" he says excitedly. "woah! thats awesome." i say. I think to garrett -yo! You have mind reading power lol- -woah, awesome! btw I miss you already lol- he thinks back. I blush and Eric looks at me for a minute, he lookd... sad. "So do i have any mind reading powers?" I ask. "I dunno, lemme think something. You close your eyes and try to hear my thought.Concentrate" he tells me. I close my eyes i hear a voice that says -your beautiful inside and out Skylar-. I blushed, it definitely sounds like Eric. i think back to him -aww thanks you made me blush lol. By the way i think this mind reading power works- He opens his eyes and smiles. "You really think im beautiful?" I ask him. He replies "Of course. And im not gonna let anyone hurt you" I blush ad then....

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