Closer Together Part 4

Ok. This part has more mystery. Please comment and leave ideas for new characters :3 On part 5 im adding 1 new character. (its a boy lol) Okay! so yea READ ON. ;P XDDD lol

Dont forget to comment and rate. Thanks! lol. You can'skip this. im just doing it cuz it makes you do 2 paragraphs lol. blah blah. lol. COMMENT AND RATE! :D I might add a girl character.

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. We were woken up in the morning by my mom screaming. And she sounded mad. "SKYE GRACE TAYLORSON, WHAT IN THE CRAP ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH MATT!?" she yelled. "MATT GO TO THE GUEST ROOM NOW!. AND BTW YA'LL R BEING DROPPED OFF IN THE WOODS. THERE WILL BE SOME OTHER KIDS..." she yelled. I was staring at Matt, i quickly looked up,blushed, and said ok.
  2. Matt looked at me, his eyes full of laughter. He grinned at me then went to the guest room. "Well, get dressed and ready. We have a long drive..." mom said. But i couda sworn she muttered 'princess'...
  3. She left the room. I got up to get dressed but as I did a picture fell off my wall. The one with lightning,and sun.., light, and darkness.. but it wasn't the picture falling that amazed me, it was whats behind it. There was a panel.. it was glowing and I reached out to touch it. It opened and there was a item. I looked closer and my eyes filled with horror
  4. It was a locket. The same one from my dream. I opened it and words projected onto my wall. I read them 'once at midnight, powers 3 shall gain, but when dark takes over just 2 will remain. A human has traveled through dark but to light, will a princess return, home that dark night? With magic and love 2 will remain but in the end, just 1 shall gain.'
  5. I stepped backwards in shock. I heard Matt coming and quickly shut the locket. "Hey dont you think its a little weird we're going to the middle the woods?"he asked."now that i think about it yea.. but i dunno maybe theres a reason" I answered. He smiled and kissed me. "your probably right"he said. I blushed and went to my closet to get a outfit. Matt went downstairs to wait for me. I pick out a black sparkly top, skinny blue jeans, and brown boots.
  6. I put the locket in my pocket. (lol that rhymes) I grab my suitcase which i had packed last week and went downstairs. Mom was at the door waiting. "hurry up!" she snapped. I went to the car, Matt was already in the back seat. I put my suitcase in the trunk and got in beside Matt. He smiled and held my hand. But i was thinking about the locket.... what does it mean?
  7. *MATTS POV* Dang when I woke up to her mom yelling i knew i was in trouble. Wow... last night ws the best nigt ever. *sighs* When i was going to her room i saw her looking at something... wrds were on the wall.. butwhat?
  8. *BACK TO YOUR POV* I had fallen asleep on Matts shoulder and i think he fell asleep to. The next time I woke up we were in the woods with our suitcases... mom was gone... Just us. Matt was on the ground. I woke him up. "we're here" i said`. He nodded sleepily and looked around. Well so much for a camp. I thought. Matt went off exploring. meawhile i need t figure out the locket
  10. cya leave ideas 4 characters

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