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Ok welcome to part 17 of Closer Together! I hope you like this part!!1 Dont forget to comment! Closer Together is almost over but in the results i tell you the new series :)

Ok welcome to part 17 of Closer Together! I hope you like this part!!1 Dont forget to comment! Closer Together is almost over but in the results i tell you the new series :) READ ON

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. I look up into Jake's smiling face and i realize how much i missed him. He leans down and gives me a soft kiss. "Im gonna get you out of here" he tells me softly. "I know" i say with a smile. He picks me up since im too weak to walk and slowly carries me out. We pass rows of cells with innocent people in them and my eyes fill with tears looking at them.When we get outside i see Garrett laying on the ground outside. "Wha what happened to Garrett!?" i ask. "Oh uhm nothing.. he must have just passed out" Jake says nervously. Then Garrett wakes up and groans, he glares at Jake and then sees me and jumps up, runs over and starts kissing me. "Uhm hello? im RIGHT HERE!!!" Jake yells. I giggle and Garrett stops kissing me and winks at me. I realize i like both of them and i don't know what to do... I look up at Jake and he smiles at me. "Hey Garrett.. leave us alone for a minute" he tells Garrett. "Fine" he says, obviously annoyed. Jake smiles a little and gently sets me down. I lean against his shoulder for support. We walk away a and talk quietly just in case someone is watching. "I was thinking.. i should take you somewhere safe to get you away from this drama" he tells me quietly. "i i i dont know" i stutter. "Jade.. you can trust me" he says. He puts his arm around my waist, pulls me in gently and kisses me. His lips are soft and perfect and i know i can trust him but.... i dont want him to take me somewhere safe.
  2. *GARRETTS POV* I stand behind a tree and watch Jake and Jade quietly. I hear Jake say something about taking her somewhere safe and i decide to step in. I walk up to them acting like i hadn't been watching. "Hey Jake how about letting me spend some time with her?" i ask him. He rolls his eyes and walks away. I stroke her hair gently and she looks into my eyes. "Hey you know if you don't wanna go somewhere away from all this you don't have too..." i tell her gently. Her eyes twinkle with laughter, "We're you spying!?" she exclaims, trying not to laugh. I grin "I can read that cute little mind of yours ya know!' i remind her playfully. She pretends to look offended and pleased at the same time. "Ok pretty i can understand that.. but small!? Are you insulting me Mr. Prince Charming" she teases me. I smile a little and kiss her. She giggles and i sweep her up in my arms and kiss her some more. She gently pulls away and smiles up at me "Garrett... you make me feel like i belong here, with you. For the first time i don't feel rejected. You really are my prince charming" she says. "Well im glad to hear that" i say smiling at her. We kiss again and stay like that for a long time.
  3. *ZACH'S POV* I look around quietly my footsteps sounding louder every step i take. I turn around a corner and run straight into Eric. I slowly back up, my eyes filled with fear "Uh... uh what are you doing here?" i ask him nervously. He stares at me "More importantly, what are YOU doing here!?" he asks, and then lunges at me. "HELP!!" i scream. He jamms his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. "Take Jade away from this battle, or you die." he threatens me. "O.. o.. ok" i stutter. "NOW GO!" he yells. And i run out to find Jade.
  4. I run out quickly and look for Jade. I find Garrett and Jade asleep in eachother's arms. 'Ugh' i think. I jerk Jade up quickly and she screams and slaps me. "OUCH" i yell. She blushes a little. "Uhm oops?" she says. I know i should be risking my life for hers.. but instead im risking her life for mine. Garrett wakes up and sees me holding Jade's arm. He looks at me suspiciously. "What are you doing?" he asks me. "Oh i uhm..." i stutter out, dropping Jade's arm. Then Jade starts looking at me. I stare at the ground. "I just think we need to take Jade somewhere safe.. away from here... let US fight the battle not her." i tell Garrett. Jade jerks away from me and looks mad. "Thats exactly what Jake said. And im NOT going. Look its fine with me if you think i can't handle this BUT I CAN. So LEAVE ME ALONE" she yells, then storms off. Garrett glares at me. "Just leave her alone dude." he tells me.
  5. *JAKE'S POV* I come back an hour later to see Zach staring at the ground. "Dude whats wrong?" i ask him. "oh nothing except i tried to take Jade somewhere safe and she ended up screaming at me and running off..." i tell him. "Wait.. i tried to convince her that too" i say "Maybe we can just take her even though she refuses... i mean trick her into going" Zach looks at me for a moment considering my plan. "Yeah that could work" he says. We get up and go look for Jade. And this time we're not taking no for an answer.
  6. *YOUR POV* I run off for a while until im out of breath. I lay on the ground and a shadow appears and slowly comes closer. Its Flame. "What do you want with me? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?" i yell at him. He smirks. "When i was a kid my father crushed my dreams. Now im crushing yours" he says. Then it happens all so fast. I see a sword coming towards my heart and i scream "NOOOO" someone yells, i see a a girl leap in front of me just as the sword comes down, it hits them and they falls to the ground, bleeding and dying. Someone died for me... i look at her face and i gasp. It was my sister.
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