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Ok welcome to part 16 of Closer Together! :) I hope you like it! Part 17 should be out soon! Don't forget to comment any idead and suggestions you have

Ok welcome to part 16 of Closer Together! :) I hope you like it! Part 17 should be out soon! Don't forget to comment any idead and suggestions you have READ ON :p XD

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. *YOUR POV* I slowly lie down on the cold bare floor and try to sleep. Nightmares and memories flood into my mind. I hear the door creak open again and i slowly look up, Eric's standing in the doorway. "How are you getting in here!?" i whisper viciously. "I have my ways" he says with a smirk. I laugh. "Sooo... have you unlocked any powers?" he says, leaning closer to me. "Yeah i think so, when i clench my fist i turn invisible" i tell him. He looks at me a little suspiciously and there's a glint in his eyes... Suddenly he shakes his head and looks at me. "Well if i had a power.. it would be to make you kiss me again" he says with a wink. I laugh and look at the ground. He acted like a good guy... but i had seen the look in his eyes and i knew he wasn't and if im not careful i mght find myself falling for him
  2. *ZACHS POV* "Hey how about we split up and meet back somewhere..?" i tell Scourge. "Ok" he says.I wait until he's gone and then i go look for Jake. Because if Jade's in that dungeon and Erics there too... we have to help Jade escape. And fast.
  3. *JAKES POV* All of a sudden a voice goes off in my head telling me its a vision Flame put in their to trick me. The voice sounded familiar... it sounded like my sister. Ok so its just a trick.. but where's my sister!? My little sister Lily.. i haven't seen her in 3 years and i want to know why. All of a sudden i find myself thinking about Jade. I have to get her out of there and take her somewhere safe. I look back at Garrett, he's studying a way to get in. I take a deep breath and punch him in the head. "Sorry" i say. And then i run inside.
  4. *YOUR POV* I slowly look up at Eric. I have to do something, so i do the first thing that comes to my mind. I lean up and kiss him, he leans closer and then i throw my hand at him and knock him out. Then i jump backwards as i hear the door bang open. "Miss me?" someone says. I look up and see Jake. "Lots" i whisper
  5. *GARRETTS POV* I sit up and groan. My head is pounding and my vision is blurry. What happened...? The last thing i remember is me and Jake we're gonna save Jade and then he... knocked me out. Ugh im gonna beat the crap out of him. I hear something and i turn around to see Zach running towards me. "Where's Jake?" he asks. "Uh inside the stupid dungeon jail thing saving Jade' i tell him, and roll my eyes. He doesn't seem to notice. "Thanks" is all he says and then runs inside. This can't be good, i have to find out whats going on. There's only one person that i know will help me, and thats Scourge.
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