Closer Together Part 12

Welcome to part 12 of closer together! This is more mystery based and i think you might be suprised at what you'll discover... :) hope ya like it!!! Have any requests or suggestons? Put them in the comments!

Welcome to part 12 of closer together! This is more mystery based and i think you might be suprised at what you'll discover... :) hope ya like it!!! Have any requests or suggestons? Put them in the comments!ENJOY AND READ ON XD

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. *YOUR POV* "You shouldn't be off kissing boys when we're suposed to be FIGHTING and getting rready for a battle!" Matt snaps at me. "Why do you care for the jerk anyway!?" Eric asks. Ugh they make me so mad sometimes.... "MAYBE IF YOU PAYED ATTENTION YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT HIM!" i scream at him in frustration. He closes his mouth and backs up`looking sorry that he ever asked. "Im not wasting my time! Thanks to me we have Scourge, and anyway you said i have the strongest powers!" i snap at Matt. He glares at me. "Yeah well right now your useless!" he yells and then looks shocked at himself for saying that. I try to hold back the tears. "So thats all i am. I thought i meant something to you. To all of you. But no, IM JUST A STUPID LITTLE PROJECT!!!" I scream. Then run off.
  2. 'I.Hate.My.Stupid.LIFE!!!!' i scream in my head while kicking a tree. I scream a little as my ankle twists and i fall down. Great... on top of everything else my stupid ankle is twisted! "You alright?" someone asks softly. I turn around. Its Matt. "What do you think!?" I say coldly. He sits down beside me quietly, then takes a deep breath. "Look im sorry, its just ever since Garrett,Zach, and Jake got here they've been all over you... and i've been a loner. You forgot about me and now your kissing Scourge! I think its best i go" he says.
  3. "Wait!" i grab his hand as he turns to go and then i grimance as pain shoots in my ankle. He sits down again and puts his hand on my ankle. As he leans in i think he's gonna look at it, but instead of leaning in and taking a look at my ankle, he leans in.... and kisses me. It takes my breath away. I close my eyes and let the moment last... Because i dont wanna pull away
  4. *SCOURGES POV* I wake up to see Eric glowering at me. 'What a nice suprise' i think sarcastically. "What did you do to her. WHY DOES SHE LIKE YOU!?!?" he yells at me.I pause. "She likes me because of who i am" i say after a moment. He glares at me as if he doesn't believe me. "Sorry i had to pause to think of a great catchphrase but that just sounded cheesy!" I say, trying to make him laugh. He smiles a little but just as quickly loses it. "I still dont see why she likes YOU! Because 1 SHE JUST FLIPPIN MET YOU! and 2 YOUR A JERK!!!" he yells. I step backwards. Hearing my own brother call me a jerk and scream at me hurt. But 2 can play this game. "Yeah well at least she kissed me instead of you TRYING to kiss her and then after less than a second you pull away!" i say with a smirk. He tries to punch me but i duck and slam him into a wall. "Dude stop and calm down" i say while taking a step back. "Oh i know what will calm me down. PUNCHING YOUR FACE IN" he says. Uh oh... this cant be good.
  5. "Eric we're fighting over a girl when we should be fighting Flame to keep him from getting to Jade so that he doesn't steal her powers which will prevent everyone else who has powers to lose them and all the future superpowery bionicish whatever we call them people to not have powers. And then he's going through every realm destroying the people, draining powers, but worst of all he will take INNOCENT people and turn them into killing machnes! Making them forget all about their family, about their home, about everyone. They will only work for him." I tell him. I pause and take a deep breath. "AND DO YOU WANT THAT!?" i yell at him. He smirks and starts walking around the room slowly like a predator watching his prey... every step, every move, and everything. "Well well well" he says with a smirk. I sigh and roll my eyes. I hope he doesnt start one of his boring speeches.
  6. "I loved Jade and you took her away! All my life i have been the little brother who sits back and watches you take the pleasure, and plays pranks on me. Well thats about to stop. You ruined my life and now i can ruin yours. By killing you all... with Flame." he says in a death threatening voice. Thats all i remember before he knocks me out with just one punch... thats steered towards my head.
  8. BYE 4 NOW

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