One Step Closer Part 6

On this, it has many POVS. It has Sophia's POV A.K.A. you. Amanda's POV. Ariana's POV. Maya's POV. And also Lora's POV. Just conversations on this. This came out earlier cuz it's the weekends.

Sorry I made an error. I put DAN has dirty blond hair which is supposed to be golden blond hair. And blue eyes are supposed to be green eyes. I can't change it. Sorry again!

Created by: Andoza

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  1. Ariana Sanchez, Maya Wood, Lora Wood, and my family are driving to the Grand Canyon. I always feel car sick when we drive!
  2. (Ariana's POV) Why did I have to go with my family?!?! I have a big brother, John, who flirts with girls all the time!!! I also have a lil sis, Lily, who always hogs the iPad! My mom and dad are on a business trip to Las Vegas! I wish I could've gone there with them. At least I have my friends with me on this trip. :)
  3. (Maya's POV) Wow! Why is Lora so happy? I think she know something. But what? My own twin sister who kept this secret from me. We promised each other that we would tell each other's secrets no matter how deep and dark it is. I WISH THAT I COULD GO INTO HER MIND AND READ IT SO BADLY!!! But sadly I can't. But I can change the seasons! Only me and my parents know this. We don't tell Lora cuz.... cuz I have to protect her! Even though we promised to tell our deepest darkest secrets to each other. I guess it's for the best. *sigh*
  4. (Lora's POV) IM SO HAPPY IM SO HAPPY IM SO HAPPY!!! I finally get to go somewhere with some friends beside me! Yay! Huh? Why did Maya sigh. Oh well.
  5. (Amanda's POV) How come I am the only one with a full family? A mom, dad, sister, and a baby boy on the way. Ariana only brought John, Lily, and herself. Maya only brought her and her twin. UGH WHY ME!!!
  6. (Sophia's mom POV) "I feel the baby kicking again." I whispered to my husband.
  7. (Amanda's dad POV) I smiled. I have to protect the children with all of my life. No matter what goes wrong. Right now isn't the time to tell them. The right time is when I die. And Sophia, Amanda, and theirs friends will know the truth. Maya only thinks her and her parents know. The truth is, Maya, her parents, Sophia's parents, and Ariana's parents know. Some more people know too. But, they could easily betray us and kill the children.
  8. (Sophia's POV) I saw the Grand Canyon as we passed by. "Whoa. This is massive" I said. "Sure is!" Amanda, Maya, Lora, John, and Lily agreed.
  9. We went to a hotel, we got room 845. That was on the 8th floor! I am terrified of heights! Amanda, I know, isn't afraid. Ariana, Maya, and Lora look at each other. They look nervous. I went up to them and asked, "What's wrong guys? Are you afraid of heights" They all nod. "Me too" I confessed. "Are you guys scared?" Amanda asked. Ariana, Maya, Lora, and me nod. "Oh come one! We are just on the 8th floor! It's not that bad! Would you rather have a room on the 10th floor instead?" She asked us. All four of us look at each other. "No" Ariana said. The rest of us just nodded in agreement.
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