Closer Together Part 10

THIS IS PART 10!!! YAY LOL! Sorry its short D: I was rushing to get it finished because its late lol. Check the comments daily to see when part 11 is out. Also i made wat i think is called a forum...? Click on my name stargazer5660 and scroll down my user pgae until u see on my recent posts Everything random including sparkles and bananas

YOU CAN SKIP THIS: thanks and comment and rate and yea and blah blah blah. It was 1 am when i made this lol and im almost on book 3 of the hunger games :D ok anyway yeaaaaaaaa ok umm byeeew

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. "Wait im your sister!?" I ask in disbelief. She laughs "Its so good to see you Jade!" she says while hugging me. I smiled but wait... my names not Jade. She explains without me having to say anything "Matts father changed your name from Jade to Skylar when he rescued you" she told me. "Oh" was all I could think of. "So what are we doing here?" I ask. She sighs and begins to explain "Well when we were kids you were always different. If someone fell you would help them up. You were always nice but knew how to be mean when you wanted to. Our father Flame, he knew you were the most powerful one but you couldnt use your powers yet, He also knows that now that your older you can use them but you dont know how. And he does. his goal is to get your powers, destroy the worlds and have it all his.And he's starting with you." she finished
  2. *GARRETS POV* I got up at like 6. Ugh so early. I went into Skylars room... she was gone. Wha...? I looked around for her. Nowhere. -SKYLAR WHERE THE CRAP ARE YOU- i yelled in my head. I heard her reply -Im trapped, Scourge trapped me in a room somewhere, My father might be here, please help im scared- I sigh. wait,.. -whose Scourge? Tell him to back off of you or he goes through me- i snap. She replies and i ca hear a smile in her voice -ugh he's Erics brother! Try to keep up. And your so cute when your jealous- I grin. Now time to find Eric
  3. I go into the library since thats where he was last night. He was on the floor moaning. I run over and slap him across the face. "OUCH" he yells. Ugh. I take a deep breath, "HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU LET YOUR BROTHER TAKE SKYE, HAVE U BEEN PLANNING THIS THE WHOLE TIME!?" I screamed in his face. He stood up and his face went pale "They got Skye?" he whispers. "DUH" i yell. "Ok calm down, we can get her back but not today, it has to be tomorrow we will have more time" he tells me. "UGHHHHH" is all i wanna say. Zack and Jake come in and i start to explain. "Scourge aka Erics brother captured Skye" I said while glaring at Eric. The guys stared at me in shock. Eric got out some stuff and started to explain how to get her back
  4. *SCOURGES POV* I went into the room where Flame was (your/jade/skylars dad). "What took so long" he asked me, his voice dangerously soft. I took a little step back. "I umm well.. complications"i told him. A sly grin spreads across his face "Bring her to me tonight, its time for her to die"he says. Horror strikes across my face. "You your killing her?" i stutter. All he does is nod. I go out of the room. I've made up my mind, im telling her my story, everything. Its the only way to save us both.
  5. *YOUR POV* My sister has fallen asleep on the floor and im back in the corner facin the wall like a 5 year old. I hear the door creak open and i turn around. Its scourge. "What are you doing here? Im not afraid of you!" i whisper to him. He smiles shyly. "I know,i have come to rescue you, to rescue us both. I'll explain after we are away." he says. I nod, very confused on whether to trust him. He silently leads me past rows of cells and then we're outside. I look back and take a deep breath. We hear gaurd dogs and somone yelling at us. Scourge glances at me with fear in his eyes and we take off running. Without looking back.
  6. Hey remember how somone pushed me off cliff 4 leaving yo sis... (you guys: yeah...) well im so sorry but.. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dont worry! Im gettin the next part out whithn a couple days Check the comments on tis quiz daily 2 see when part 11 is out! You get to see hisWHOLE story :D
  8. Rate! rhimicha if your readng this: OMG IM FLIPPING OUT AND DYING TO READ PART 4 OF FIN THE WYSTERIA! MAYBE PARTS 4 AND 5 CAN BE MY BDAY PRESENT LOLOLOLOLOL. (my birthday is in about 2 weeks lol I CANT WAIT THAT LONG )
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