Chapter 22 Biology 102 Practice Quiz on Respiration

Welcome to the biology practice quiz, useful for your review of classroom and textbook material. Specifically, this quiz focuses on respiration/breathing!

Respiration is the process by which an organism exchanges gases with its environment. It is the reverse of photosynthesis. How well do you understand this biological function?

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  1. What is the Diaphragm?
  2. What are the Surfactants?
  3. What is Emphysema?
  4. Negative pressure breathing is when?
  5. The volume of air breathed during maximal inhalation and exaltation.
  6. What is the Residual volume?
  7. Is used by almost all vertebrates and many invertebrates and transports oxygen, buffers blood, and transports CO2 .
  8. When you hold your breath, which of the following blood gas changes first leads to the urge to breathe?
  9. Countercurrent gas exchange in the gills of a fish?
  10. When you inhale the diaphragm?
  11. In which of the following organisms does oxygen diffuse directly across a respiratory surface to cells without being carried by the blood
  12. What is the function of the cilia in the trachea and bronchi?
  13. What do the alveoli of mammalian lungs, the gill filaments of fish, and the tracheal tubes of insects have in common?
  14. Which of the following is the best explanation for why birds can fly over the himalayas while most humans require oxygen masks to climb these mountains?
  15. Of the four types of respiratory organs, which type does not require assistance from a circulatory system for gas exchange?
  16. List the structures in the direction of carbon dioxide travel as it leaves the body.
  17. Which passageway is shared by both food and air?
  18. What is the function of the nasal cavity?
  19. In which of the structures gas exchange occurs across?
  20. What is the function of cilia and thin mucus that lines the inner linings of the major branches of our respiratory system?
  21. Which part of the human brain contains the primary breathing control center?
  22. This breathing center directly sense and respond to _____and_____ ?
  23. What is the physical process underlying gas exchange?
  24. How does the fetus exchange gasses with the outside world?
  25. What is the placenta?
  26. What contributes to gas exchange in the human fetus?

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