Can You Survive My Mind? 3

There are a lot of people who can survive my mind are YOU one of those people,do you have what it take to not only survive but thrive... lets just see about that

Can YOU survive in my mind do you have what it takes to not only survive but thrive in my mind can you complete me twisted journey and escape without a scratch

Created by: sapphiretwirl

  1. you have to take the first and second one in the series to really get this.
  2. You slowly open your eyes and everything comes into focus the first thing you see is a pool of blood next to you look to your side....its your bunny
  3. you set off on an aventure to take revenge and kill that b------ on your way you run into a sweet looking girl you come up to her and just as your about to talk she fades away
  4. as you continue you jorney you stumble over a small purple orb just like the red on.what do you do?
  5. you decide to pick it up and see what it does.what do you do
  6. you decide to wish for your bunny's life back after you make your wish theres a blinding light in front of you as it fades you see a small shadow with in the light its you bunny.
  7. as you continue your jouney you come a across that little girl again but this time she doesnt go away.why?
  8. as you continue your journey the girl is slowly following you,and your worrried she might fall behind you hold her hand by your side almost instantly you feel a warm feeling that you havent felt in a long time.what do you do?
  9. after many hours of traveling you come across the capmper,somehow he sees and challenges you on a journey to find the orb and end this you accept?
  10. suddenly the orb shoots upwards and set off on your journey and find that everything's slowly fading away everything fades away and you find yourself looking at your alarm clock and again it was all a dream.

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive My Mind? 3