Can You Survive in This Maze?

There are many clever people out there who think before doing and can get over really tough obstacles but don't even know they're that clever/smart! I know there are some people like to do before thinking, but it never hurts to think and then do. :3

Take this quiz and see if you can survive the maze of wonders. The key to beating this is to actually think before you pick a answer and think VERY carefully.

Created by: puakea32

  1. You are in a maze. There's three places to choose to start :
  2. There are different types of drinks to choose from and one of them is not poisonous, which do you choose :
  3. You see a horde of zombies headed your way, you :
  4. You see a room with babies, a room where you can't see what is inside, and a room pictures with people staring at you everywhere, you :
  5. You see a gun, sword, and armor but you can only take one thing, you choose :
  6. There's four doors to choose - steel, wood, titanium. Which door do you choose :
  7. There's a room with a old TV, a room with a chair turned away from you, and a room with plants growing everywhere. You choose :
  8. There's a person in a room turned away from you, you :
  9. The last and most important round - what will you use as you get-away :
  10. Okey, that's it (for now). I hope you enjoyed my quiz because I worked really hard on this and spent a lot of time thinking about the solutions! X3 Please no mean comments as this is my first time making a quiz!

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive in This Maze?