Would you Survive?

Some people believe that one day all hell will break loose and the end of the world will come. 2012? Phony. But what if it did happen? Would you survive?

Take this quiz to see if you would survive zombies, natural disasters, people robbing you for supplies and more. I wonder if you would survive. Take this quiz and see!

Created by: Sokol

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  1. Say you are being chased by robbers, its their only way for gain of food. Do you...?
  2. You are packing and suddendly you see a zombie. You grab your pack. Its too heavy and slows you down so you take one thing out. Either a pistol, a pack of water bottles or 5 lunchables. What do you pick?
  3. The ground begins to shake. It splits in half slowly. You see one side of the crack, with suburban houses and apartments with people looking out windows. Other side has a huge abandoned skyscraper. Where do you go?
  4. The news says you should evacuate. Zombies! But If you stay you have a team, and if you leave you could be surrounded. Do you...?
  5. Your girlfriend wants to be with you in the middle of the end of the world. But, your parents call you to help them. Also, your best friend calls to go drink! What do you do?
  6. You go to a weapon shop. The guy says he will give you something free. Either a combat knife, MP6, or a bulletproof vest. What do you get?
  7. You run away from the tsunami, towards a high mountain. But you see a skyscraper thats pretty high only 200 yards from wave. You go to the...
  8. You are in a car shop. What do you buy? P.S. you will drive through zombie infested Kansas to California, which just experienced an asteriod.
  9. The zombie apocalypse pretty much ended. You just discovered a cure. Do you...?
  10. Ready for the final? Your result is like a mini story.

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