Will you survive doomsday?

There are many preppers but not all will survive. A prepper is someone who is preparing to survive the end of the world as we know it. Keep reading to see if you are a prepper.

Are you a prepper? Do you have the skill set that is needed to survive doomsday take this realistic quiz to find out. This quiz will ask you all sorts of questions to see if you will survive doomsday or not.

Created by: RedIZE
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  1. How much water do you have stored.
  2. Do you have methods of purifying water?
  3. How much long lasting food do you have stored?
  4. Do you have ways to get food.
  5. Do you have a people to help you?
  6. Do you own guns?
  7. How much ammo do you have?
  8. Do you have a bug out bag?
  9. Do you have a bug out vehicle.
  10. Do you have a way to power this vehicle.
  11. Can you generate power.
  12. Do you have medical supplies and knowledge on how to use them.
  13. How secure is your house.
  14. Do you have a bunker/ shelter?
  15. Do you have tactical training.
  16. How are your survival skills.
  17. Do you have medical training.
  18. Are you in good shape.
  19. Do you have battle gear. (Body armor, night vision, Etc)
  20. Where are you located.
  21. Are you good with your hands.
  22. Do you come up with good ideas.
  23. Do you have any addictions.
  24. Do you have any diseases.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive doomsday?