This is a quiz I made to potentially help you survive doomsday on December 21, 2012. I am very sorry I posted this a little late for it to help with anything much. I do still hope you enjoy it.

December 21, 2012, many people believe the world will end on this date, be it from an astroid, volcano, polar shift, or a massive solar flare. This idea originated from an old Mayan calander made over 3000 years ago. So, why are we believing this, we can't even accurately predict tomorows weather.

Created by: The Evil Angel
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  1. It is December 21, 2012. What do you thinks gona happen? Same as what happened to the dinosaurs? You even know what happened to the dinosaures?
  2. Let me clue you in on somethibg here, if ALL the dinosaures died from a meteor strike, then how the hell did it kill ALL the dinosaures? No blast has EVER been big enough to do that in earths history.
  3. Well, a meteor didn't kill all the dinosaures, not by its self at least, no, it had help from earth quakes, tsunamies, valcano eruptions, and the fact that the continents hadn't yet separated from each other.
  4. Well, since that all occured, the dinosaures didn't stand a chance, and neither would we. You know, NASA has supposedly located an astroid headed streight tword us?
  5. Ya, so anyways, we could be in for the same, horrible fate as the dinosaurs. But we are different. We can move that meteor (if it does exist) off course so it doesn't hit us. And if its realy big enough to do any real damage, NASA would had found it by now, and had a progam set up to push it away by now.
  6. So, what do you think? Think it will kill us all? Or do you think the Mayans where a bunch of loons?
  7. What do you think you will be saying on december 22, whene you actualy take this quiz?
  8. And this quiz was posted on 12/21/12, so if it's realy the day to die, then why is this here, and why are you using it?
  9. Now you got to think to your self, we can't accurately predict tomorows weather, so why the hell would anyone believe that they can accurately pridict events that where around a million years into the future?
  10. Now, passed 12/21/12, millions of people would had died in the first few hours, regardless of doomsday. Am I right? people got the idea that since the world is ending i can do anything cuz there will be noone to punish me for it.

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