Can YOU join my blog?

Welcome people! Welcome to my quiz 'Can YOU join my blog?' You can see, I am quite desperate for people. If you want to visit my blog, please go to the right side and see: there's a link.

So, do you have the potential to join my blog? Can you be a good blogger? I don't know, and I guess you don't know too. So take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Jeeshan of Pleastyl
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  1. Do you anyhung about blogging?
  2. Can you make posts?
  3. Can you edit other's posts?
  4. Are you interested in joining my blog?
  5. Can you afford at least 15 minutes in the blog?
  6. Would you be able to comment, like or share OUR posts?
  7. Can you create an account in WordPress, if don't have?
  8. Can you revise the blog, carefully?
  9. That's all fellas.
  10. So, here's my blog:

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Quiz topic: Can I join my blog?