Would you qualify to join T.I.A?(Girls Only)

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T.I.A,Yay. Who wants to join the alliance, I do, hey, I'm already apart of it. YAY!!! Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join,Join, that's if you qualify ofcourse.

Would you qualify, who knows , only one was to find out if you will. So from now onwards I'm going to start blabbing only to fill up some space space so yeah!!

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's start:Are you a girl?
  2. Are you lieing about the first question?
  3. What's your dress code?
  4. Do youu hang out with guys a lot?
  5. Do you like talking about femininity?
  6. Do you appreciate other girls?
  7. Are you embarrassed when you're on your period and with guys, and they know?
  8. Are you confident about your body?
  9. When you see a girl that's prettier than you, what's your most common reaction?
  10. Are you ashamed of being a girl?
  11. Do you consider yourself a role-model to younger girls?
  12. Do you take pride in your flaws?
  13. Lastly:What does T.I.A stand for?

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