Camp Half Blood Love Story Part 2 :D

Take this quiz to find out who you are most likely to date from Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus! I hope you'll get the character that you wanted! :)

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  1. Let's see, did you like the previous quiz?
  2. You wake up in a sweat. Light is pouring through the window next to you, and the clock shows that it is 9:30. Oh, you must have over slept. No one is in the cabin and no seemed to have waken you up. You are-
  3. You hurry into the cafeteria and get some toast and scrambled eggs, the usual. You suddenly start to hear rumors about a quest and some sort of prophecy. For now, you just shrug it off and go find a seat next to-
  4. You quickly gobble up your food and run to your first training session. Apparently, you have to go to the Arts and Crafts station with Percy. Percy hands you a card and says that he made it for you. You reply-
  5. When you leave, you notice Jason talking to a girl (obviously Piper). Piper and Jason see you and walk by. They say hi, and ask you to stop by their cabins to hang out. Jason seems to really want to be friends with you. You say-
  6. It's getting late, and you make your way into the woods just to check things out. You tense up as soon as you hear the sound of a familiar scream. The enemy must be circling the perimeter of the woods. You-
  7. You run closer to where the sound it coming from and realize That the enemy (apparently a monster) is targeting Nico with his spear. Nico calls to you for help while he is desperately trying to summon the dead. You-
  8. You and Nico end slowly walk bag to camp. You're both grimy and bruised. So far, no one has even bothered to ask you guys what happened. That's when Leo walks up, "Hey, are you guys okay?" You-
  9. Later that day, you drag yourself to the campfire, uncertain of what will happen this time. You hesitate over where to sit. After that encounter with the monster, you have a LOT of friends. At least 10 people have asked you to sit with them. But Honestly, you want to-
  10. As the campfire continues, you begin to grow worried. Is your godly parent FINALLY going to claim you tonight? Just before the fire dies down, a peculiar-looking holographic image flickers above your head. No one seems to recognize it. It seems that a minor god has claimed you and you will be staying in the Hermes Cabin after all. On your way back, Frank says, "It's okay. We can still hang out." You reply-
  11. You immediately flop onto your bed and fall into a dream. You dream about-
  12. How was the quiz?
  13. Who do you WANT to date?

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