Callahan Academy: What Callahan student are you most like

The students of Callahan Academy are all unique people. At least the five roommates of dorm 113 are. They are completely different in every way. Take this quiz to find out which one you are!

Are you Aly, Jade, Lezah, Klarrisa, or Chanda? Take this quiz to find out. Each is completely different, and you will find out the real you! Please comment and ENJOY!

Created by: Hazel

  1. You enjoy:
  2. Pick one:
  3. You see a blind man about to cross the road, you:
  4. You see a hot guy, you:
  5. You love:
  6. You hate:
  7. What group are you in/would like to be in?
  8. The next three options don't affect anything. Pick One:
  9. Another Pick one:
  10. Just Curious:
  11. We're DONE!

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Quiz topic: Callahan Academy: What Callahan student am I most like