Callahan Academy: What type of hover board is yours?

There is an object out there that can transform into an object(s) depending on your personality. This object is called a hover board. A mysterious object that allows you to hover in the air on a board!

Take this quiz to find out what your hover board will transform into. You have five completely different things, so please have fun, please comment and enjoy!

Created by: Hazel
  1. What is your favorite type of color?
  2. If you were accepted to a mysterious Academy, you would...
  3. The type of person you are is...
  4. Choose one:
  5. Choose again:
  6. Okay, choose one more time:
  7. How do you feel going to the said Academy in question 4?
  8. Pick one (Does not affect score)
  9. Wow, we're almost done. two more questions, your reaction...
  10. Just curious...What's your favorite object (besides your computer)

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Quiz topic: Callahan Academy: What type of hover board is mys?