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  • Boyfriend or Best Friend?
    Your Result: Best Friend

    He'd rather just remain being your best friend. This is not wrong though. Friendship lasts longer than love, they say. But of course, you could give it a try, and see what happens when you show some signs.

    Wow with this guy I would love to go further but not now it's not the right time I best keep him as my bestfriend Omg I love him

  • Well i took this for fun but the result is not accurate. Because he actually asked me out. We will be going somewhere soon. And he doesn't know when my b-day is and didn't have any of my contact info til way after his vacations. And we're both homeschooled

  • Boyfriend. Considering h already is my bf. What should i get him for Christmas? He loves to read. He is 13. Has an Xbox. Hug him every day and kissed twice(yes at our age. im 12 btw not too young and he tells me we will be together forever if we beleive and try and i do and we do). He is really smart. Any Ideas?

  • Boyfriend or Best Friend?
    Your Result: Undecided

    He must be unsure about how you feel, or about himself. He may like you, but think unequally from your point of view. Or, he may just want to remain friends and nothing more.


  • Perfect. He apparently "likes" this other girl but maybe it's a fraud. I do that sometimes too. It's so annoyinging when people ask who your crush is.

  • Awww, well I never said it'd be accurate. Sorry about that then. O.o

  • Also try my qiuzes
    Are u my friend or not,
    Wot boyfriend r u looking for
    And comment plz

  • BOYFRIEND?! OMG! Gabe! Get over here! We need to talk mister! What is it you're not telling me?


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