Boyfriend or Best Friend?

I myself have never truly found a "Does He Like Me?" Quiz, that could seperate a best friend from a hopefully-soon-to-be-boyfriend. So I decided to change that!

If you ever wonder; should it be or should I leave it as it is? You can find it now! Is he your close friend? Or does he want to be more? Find out now!

Created by: Skydragon
  1. It's another Monday morning. He and you meet at school. What happens?
  2. What do you two usually talk about?
  3. On your birthday, what happened?
  4. Do you two have a lot in common?
  5. Have you two ever gone out in any form?
  6. If he goes on a long vacation, what happens?
  7. Considering presents, has he given any?
  8. Considering physical contact, which?
  9. What's the most amazing thing he has said to you?
  10. Does he assist you in any way?

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