How well do ya know your boyfriend?

Okay sop your wondering if you know things about your boyfriend, right? these questions are known if you know your bofriend well or not. Good luck with the quiz ;D

Do you know your boyfriend well? if your wondering take this quiz. Good luck, you will know your score in a few minutes or seconds!! you may know it now..

Created by: Animals1
  1. Do you know his b-day?
  2. do you know his fav color
  3. Have ya met your bf's family yet?
  4. do u know his sign of his birth?
  5. Okay it's your boyfriends b-day and you know what he likes what would you give him?
  6. Do you know his favorite song?
  7. Okay what is your boyfriend allergic to?
  8. Do you know if hes in a sport?
  9. Do you think your boyfriend cheating on you? (if so then leave a comment, soon as possible I will write back to you and help)
  10. Is this quiz fun?
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Quiz topic: How well do ya know my boyfriend?