Is Your Boyfriend Good For You?

There are really awesome guys out there. If this one you have now got you a bad score than dump him it is the only way. But if you got a good score because of him then don't and keep him close.

Is your boyfriend good for you? Does he have the right qualities to a bou. Well by taking my awesome and amazing quiz very very soon. You will know for sure!

Created by: Leslie
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  1. When your boyfriend sees you how doest he greet you?
  2. What has your boyfriend ever gave you?
  3. Does your boyfriend comment you on your look?
  4. Has your boyfriend ever hugged you?
  5. How many times does your boyfriend call you?
  6. How many times does he ask to hang out with you?
  7. Does he tell his friends about you or keeps it quiet?
  8. If your boyfriend became a rock star does you love you enough to still see you?
  9. Do you trust him? (do you think he would ever cheat?)
  10. Has he ever lied to you?

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Quiz topic: Is my Boyfriend Good For You?