What is your nexts boyfriends name?

There are so many great names for boys but, i only took 6. find out whats you nexts boyfriends name now. what is a boyfriend, a boyfriend is a boy that you are really close to you and gives you hugs, mabey even kisses!

Do you want to know what your nexts boyfriends name is. well take this quiz to find out. If you dont you just can wait to figure it out. but, this way is fun and fast!

Created by: brookee
  1. Where would you bring you date on the first date??
  2. Would you kiss on the first date??
  3. Do you have a boyfriend right now??
  4. Do you even like boys??
  5. What do FIRST in a guy??
  6. What are you in school?
  7. What color do you want your boyfriends eyes to be??
  8. what color hair do you want to your boyfriend to have??
  9. What kind of boy do you like??
  10. How many friends do you have??
  11. Will you comment (no affect)
  12. what name do you like the bestt??
  13. bye!!!

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Quiz topic: What is my nexts boyfriends name?