Will i date you ?

Many people are here, and many have got a boyfriend and many have no boyfriends ! so you can go to this quiz if you dont have it ! i hope you scored good.

Are you gonna be a good girlfriend ? will you ? lets look in this quiz. Are you so good to be it ? But anyways, i hope you enjoyed this quiz ... so ..

Created by: Gundars
  1. Do you have/had a bf ?
  2. How old are you ?
  3. What do you want your boyfriend to be like ?
  4. What you do everyday ?
  5. What of these more tells about you.
  6. How many bad things do you do ?
  7. How many good things you do ?
  8. Do you have any health problems ?
  9. How strong and smart are you ?
  10. How old bf do you want ?

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