Perfect Boyfriend

There are many guys out there, but few perfect boyfriends. A boyfriend, after all, is very special. What is the perfect boyfriend anyways? Take this quiz to find out or just find out if you have the perfect match.

Is HE the perfect boyfriend? Do you both have a healthy, cute, amazing, and sweet relationship that you hope will never end? Do you have no clue if you were really made to be? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out if he's the dream guy!

Created by: Taylor Selman
  1. Does he kiss you on your forehead?
  2. Does he tell you he loves/likes you a lot every day?
  3. Does he give you roses or something special after a big fight?
  4. Does he stick up for you if another girl is being a b---- to you or a guy is calling you names?
  5. When you guys are doing sexual acts, does he give you romantic looks or looks at you like he wants to devour you?
  6. Does he really express his feelings and tell you he cares for you and cherishes you? Not only say it but show he does.
  7. Does he listen to what you have to say?
  8. Does he brag to his friends about how nice, hot, special, funny or anything besides the sexual acts he has/wants to do with you?
  9. When you ask him to hang out does he say no or yes?
  10. Does he tell you he never wants to let you go? Or that he wants himself all to you cause he loves you?
  11. Does he give you his t-shirt to sleep in?
  12. Does he pass you long, cute notes in class or sends text of his love for you?
  13. Does he kiss you in public or tell you nice things on facebook or public places?
  14. Does he call you hot or beautiful?
  15. Does he look into your eyes when he talks to you?
  16. Does he forgive you?
  17. Tells you he only has eyes for you?
  18. Does he hold your hand?
  19. Does he let you choose the movie or anything you want to do?
  20. Does he say "your better than the rest" or something like that?
  21. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Do you really love or like him a lot?

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