Blood Love... ~part 1~

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READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!! Ok, this is very important! Each question is a different sceen. So, if you think of it like a book; each question is a new chapter. It'll go to a different setting, so don't get confused!

So, you are the famous actress, Lupe Berns, and you've on your way to Hollywood from London to be the main character, Guadaloupe Rendall, in the new movie, 'Wish Upon A Bloody Star'. Please comment and rate! Oh, shout outs to the first five people to comment!!!!! PEACE OUT!!! :D

Created by: storyqueen

  1. "Hey, is this seat taken?" I looked up from my book to the person who asked me. At first glimps, he was just another passanger on this plane from London to Hollywood. But, only after I said yes, and he sat down, I noticed why he would be going to the same film set as me. He had long black hair, tipped with blood red. His hair hung over his grey, soulless eyes. He wore a long black cloak-coat and everything else was black. "So, are you going to the film set, 'Wish Upon The Bloody Star'?" I asked. He slightly chuckled as I said this. "Well, yes. I think they need to change the title; it sounds like you're swearing." I laughed at this. I was just thinking the same thing. "I'm Djimon, but, if it helps, you can call me Jee," he said and held a hand out. (Me: He's nicknamed Jee because you pronounce his name Jee-mohn...) I smiled and shook his hand. "Lupe," i said back. He slightly smiled and turned to watch the movie on the TV screen on the back on the seat in front of him. I was excited about the movie. It was about a girl, who's a werewolf, who got rejected out of her pack because she fell in love with a vampire. She tried to find her lover, but she can't. But, one nigth, she sees the brightest star in the sky had turned blood red. She wishes to find her lover, and she does, but he's dead. She tries to kill herself, but she can't, because she's immortal. The reason her lover was dead is because his 'pack' of vampires found out he was in love with a wolf, so they killed him. So, the girl stays with her dead lover forever... If you ask me, it very dramatic!
  2. "So, who are you playing?" I asked once the movie was over. "Take a guess..." he said back, slightly smiling at the corner of his mouth. I thought for a moment, but then said, "Raphael Spenser... I've read the book myself; you fit the discription!" Jee smiled and nodded. "You're good. So, I'm guessing you'll be Guadaloupe Rendall, the main girl!" Jee said, and i nodded. "Cool, so we're both the main characters..." I said, smiling. "Wait, doesn't that mean we have to..." Jee started. "What, kiss?" i said. There was a silence for a moment, but then we both bursed out laughing. "Hello. We will be landing in Hollywood Airport very soon. Please can all passengers fasten their seatbelts. Thanks you for flying with Five-star airline! We hope you've enjoyed your trip!" the airhostest said over the intercom, making me and Jee jump.
  3. "So, I'll see you on set, Lupe," Jee said as he walked away. waved goodbye, but then got into my limo. I sat at the back and watched as Jeff drived. "So, Miss. Berns, how was your flight?" Jeff asked. I smiled at my old shofer and replied, "It was ok. I met the other main actor, Jee Daniels. Apparently he's been in a few famous films before." Jeff nodded. "Well, he're the hotel, Miss. Berns. I'll be back tomorrow to escort you to the set," Jeff said as he pulled up outside the five-star hotel. I got out with lots of people trying to do things for me, or trying to get my autograph. It gets so annoying somethings. Just because i'm the famous actress, Lupe Berns, doesn't mean you can hound me 24/7. I managed to get inside and to my room. Once all of the staff had gone, i lay on my king size bed and looked at the ceiling. To me, this luxtury was nothing but the usual. It didn't seem special anymore. Just then there was a knock on my door. I rolled my eyes and went over and opened it. It wasn't a membor of staff, or a desprate fan. It was a boy, about my age, with grey hair and grey eyes. He wore what looked like grey school clothes, but it didn't looked like he went to school. "You're Miss. Berns, aren't you?" he asked. I nodded. He smiled at this and held a hand out. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Berns! I am Deangelo, but you can call me Dean," he said as he shook my hand. When he finally stopped, i asked, "And why are you here?" He looked confused at me for a moment, but then he said, "Well, I'm in the room next door. My father's the director, Michael Matthews, you see. I said to come over here and see if you're ok. He doesn't want your acting to be messed up because you hate the room you're living in, you know!" Dean smiled, and nudged his way in. "Ok then..." i muttered, and let him in anyway. "So, you're playing Guadaloupe Rendall, aren't you?" he asked. "Yes... Are you in the movie, by chance? You remind me of the character, Randal Mingan, Guadaloupe Rendall best friend in the wolf pack..." I said. Dean grinned. "Yea, well, I really wanted to be that part, but my dad wouldn't let me. He said the only way for me to get that part is if the person who's playing that, Lewis Gates, dies. Not likey, hey?" he said, and sat down on the sofa next to my bed. If i was a snobby celeb, i would have shouted at him. Instead, i sat next to him. "So then, Lupe, you must have lots of boys wanting to go out with you!" he said. "Well, yes, but i don't like any of them. Honestly, i sometimes wish i weren't famous..." i said back. "Why don't you wish upon a bloody star?" Dean said, and we both bursed out laughing. "I'll try..." i muttered, still lauhging. "DEAN!!!!!" Dean rolled his eyes. "I better go. Dad's really fussy, you know, stress that the films gonna be a disaster and all... See ya around, Lupe," Dean said, and walked out of my room. I think i just made a new friend!
  4. That night i lay in my bed, wide awake, thinking about the day i just had. The conversation with Dean was still making me laugh, even though that was hours ago. I couldn't stop thinking about Jee either. I decided, just for the hell of it, to go on a walk outside. I snook out of my room and went down to the lobby. Luckily, nobody was there, and the doors were still unlocked. I walked outside to find nobody around. It was strange. Everytime i went outside somewhere, there would be lots of people around. I walked around the empty streets in the dark, enjoying the time alone. Just then, i heard footsteps behind me. I turned around only to get pushed into an allyway. I fell on my but and looked up to where three strong men were stood. One of them had a steel bar. "Oh, look, it's little Miss. Famous! Guys, let's have some fun with her, shall we?!" the leader said, and the two other guys grabbed hold of my arms. The leader walked forward and grabbed my jeans and started to un-do them. I struggled to get free, but he was already pulling down my pants. I screamed for help, but none seem to come. "Hey, Fred, take her top off," the leader said, and one of the guys ripped my top off. I was left in just my underwear. The leader smiled and reached out to take off my bra, when suddenly a shadowed person jumped on his back and bit his neck. The other two people behind me let go of me and ran into the distance. The leader struggled to get the shadowed perosn of him, but then he fell to the ground, and disinagrated into dust. The new person glared at me and slowly walked towards me. I cowered backwards into the wall while clutching my ripped clothes. He person continued to walk forward in till he was stood right in front of me. He glared down at me, but then removed his hood. He was a boy, about my age, with longish white hair and white-grey eyes. His face was emotionless, and at the corner of his mouth was a few drops of blood. He quickly licked that away, and extended a hand towards me. I thought he was going to attack me, and i buried my face in my clothes. But, a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I slowly look up and into his eyes. "Lupe, are you ok?" he asked. I stared at him for a moment, but then shook my head. I was scared, cold, and i just wished i never left the hotel. "Lupe, listen to me. I need you to stand up. Don't worry; i'm not going to hurt you." I slowly stood up like he said, convering myself with my ragged clothes. "Now, i want you to close your eyes and hold tight onto me," he said, and i closed my eyes. I felt him grab hold of me, but, before i could open my eyes to say something, i found myself back in my hotel room, in my bed, alone...
  5. "And, ACTION!!!" I stared into Lewis Gate's eyes. "But, Randal, I am in love with him; can't you see?" i said, playing my roll. Lewis opened his mouth to say something when Michael shouted, "CUT!" We both turned to face him. "Lupe, you're not saying it right! You have just found out that your best friend is in love with you, but you're in love with someone else... Try again. ACTION!" I turned back to face Lewis. "But, Randal, I am in love with him; can't you see?" I said again. Michael didn't shout anything, so i guess it was good enough. "But, Guadaloupe, my sweet, the other's won't alow that. Why not take me as your love. We can live together, forever, how we should be!" Lewis said. He didn't sound at all like the Randal i read in the book. He sounded more like a Romeo than a crazy friend. Dean would be much better at this job. I continued anyway. "But this is true love we're talking about, Randal," I said. "Yes, true love between you and I, Guadaloupe," Lewis said. "Right, THAT'S A RAP!!!" Michael shouted, and everyone packed away. I turned and looked at Lewis. "You know, I shold have got a bigger part than this! I should have been Raphael Spenser, not the stupid Randal Mingan," he said. I rolled my eyes. "What, so you can kiss me? I don't think so, brother!" I said, and, just to add more effect, i added a sassy click afterwards. I turned and walked off, leaving Lewis glaring at me. I sat down on my chair and sighed. Today's shoot was tiring. Not to mention Michael kept stopping me. "Oh, speek of the devil," I muttered to myself as Michael walked over. "Lupe, you need to put more effort into your acting. Today was rubbish," he said. "Look, Mr. Matthews, i don't think that Lewis fits the roll of Randal Mingan. I've read the book, and Lewis is nothing like Randal Mingan. Your son, Dean, however, would fit the roll more though..." Michael glared at me. "Look here, Miss. Berns, Lewis is my daughters fiance, so, if you want my daughter to be happy, then keep your big gob shut, ok?" I rolled my eyes as he turned and walked off. Stupid director. Just then, Jee came and sat down in his chair next to me. "Hey Little Miss. Famous!" he said as he sat down. At this name, i froze. "What's the matter, Lupe?" he said as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head and smiled at him. "Oh, nothing. I just had a strange nightmare last night. Something to do with a vampire..." i said. Jee seemed to tense up at this, but then he said, "Maybe you were stressing too much about the movie..." I nodded. "Yea, maybe..."
  6. "Thanks for this evening, Jee," i said as i wipped away some pasta sauce from my mouth. Jee smiled. It had been a lovley evening; a meal out with Jee. It was an Italian resturant, and i had veggy meatballs and spagetti, while Jee had a cheese and tomato pizza. We had both finished, after having a long conversations about my backgrounds. "So then, Jee, what about you? I'm sure you've got something to tell me about your past," i asked. Jee tensed up at this, but then said, "Well, my mother died when i was born. For many years i lived with my dad, in till, one day, he disapeared. He had taught me, while he was still aorund, how to act, so i applied for a thertre company. Lots of people came to see me act, in till, one day, Michael Matthews found me. Now, in every one of his films, i'm one of the main characters," Jee said. I smiled. "That's so cool!" I said, and Jee smiled. "Oh, not cool about your parents; I'm sorry..." I said, relaising what i said must have sounded bad. Jee laughed. "It's ok... It was year ago, though. So, if you're finished, how about we go on a walk?" he said. I nodded. We both stood up and Jee helped me put my coat on. When we went to go and pay, i got my purse out, but Jee was already paying himself; insisting he did. We both walked outside and into the dark, arms linked. "Thanks, again, for this evening," i said. Jee smiled. "Anything for you, Lupe," he said. I smiled at this. Jee lead me towards where a large park was. There was lots of grass, and a giant lake, shimmering in the moonlight. Jee lead me to a bench and we both sat down, facing the lake. "So, have you got any plans for tomorrow?" he asked. "Well, except acting... no!" i said. "Good..." he said, and turned to look at the reflection of the moon on the water. "Why?" i asked. "Because you and I are going to go on a date together," he said as he turned back to face me. I smiled at this. "But i thought this was a date..." i said. "Well, it's not a date in less we kiss..." he said. Then, before i could say anything, Jee leaned towards me to kiss me. I waited for his lips to touch mine, when, suddenly, my mobile started ringing.
  7. "What, what is it Dean?" i said, running through to Dean's hotel room. He was stood, staring at me, mouth open. I stood next to him to see the TV was turned on. "Our top story- Lewis Gates has been found dead in his hotel room in Hollywood. Police are trying to find out how he died. It doesn't seem like he was murdered, and invesigaters are suspecting suicide... In other stories-" The TV was turned off after that as Michael walked through with the remote. "God, why would he do such a thing. He was my best actor! Sophia's crying her heart out now! You're mother's trying to stop her from killing herself as well. Can you have a word with her, please, Dean?" Michael said to Dean. He finally spotted me, and he glared at me. "Oh, Lupe, there you are! The press were wanting to talk to you; tomorrow evening. Be there, ok! Oh, and tell that Djimon kid to go there too- Dress up, as well!" he said, and dragged Dean through to the bedrooms. I sighed and walked out and to my hotel room. Great, my date with Jee is out of the window. At least I and Jee get to go to a press confrence together! I lay on my bed and got out my mobile. 'Jee, press confrence, tomorrow evening... Date for day after?' i typed, and sent. I got a reply three seconds later. 'ToT'. I laughed at the crying face and replied, ';( Never mind! Oh, dress up for press. Me in dress. You in suit. (I can't think of something that rhymes with Suit!)' I laughed at my own joke as i sent it. Three seconds later, Jee sent back, ':D'. I ended the conversation there because Dean bursed into my room. "LUPE! GUESS WHAT?!" he screamed. "What?" i asked. "I GOT THE ROLL!!!" he shouted. I smiled and stood up and walked over to him. He laughed with joy and ran up to me and hugged me! "Wow, calm down!" i said. He really was like Randal Mingan! He let go of me, still smiling. "So that means i get to act with you! :D" he said. "Wait, i hate to react all those sceens again!" I said, and sighed. "No you don't! I've asked my dad, and he said he'll just edit me into the sceens! Oh, tomorrow's going to be so much fun!" he said, almost jumping up and down as he said this. I had to calm him down again. "Don't get too excited, Dean! Acting is a lot of hard work, you know!" i said. "I know! Well, i better go! Dad's still trying to convince my sister, Sophia, not to commit suicide. I hope she doesn't! Well, bye Lupe!" he said as he walked out!
  8. Outside it was dark again. I sat on the bench that I and Jee were sat on earlier on this day. The moon was still hung in the sky, reflecting on the water. I know that in my dream, last night, scary stuff happened when i left the hotel in the dark, but, it was just a dream. I sat there, for a while, watching the glittering water gently splash about. "So, Little Miss. Famous is back for more then...?" a familiur voice said from behind me, and i turned around to come face to face with two of the guys from my dream. "God, I thought you two were from my dream!" i shouted, stumbling backwards. I landed on my but, off the bench. The two guys smiled. "Oh, a dream, hey? I hope it wasn't a nightmare!" one of them sn-----ed. He then grabbed me by my hair and picked me up so that my feet weren't touching the ground. "Get off me!" i screamed, but there was nobody but the two men to hear me scream. "Look here, Little Miss. Famous, you're going to do as we say, or you're going to sleep with the fish," the perosn holding me said, and the other man pointed to the lake. I gulped at this. "Now, take your clothes off," he said. "You two are nuts!" i shouted, and struggled to get away. "Yea, we've got nuts, and we want to shove them up you-" Just then, i was dropped. The man who was holding me fell to the floor and turned into dust. The other guy, on seeing this, turned and ran away. Once again, the shadowed figure was stood there. I stood up and, before i could control myself, i wrapped my arms around him. I quickly pushed me away. "Miss, please, don't come too close to me. I don't want to hurt you," he said, holding his palm at me and turning his head away. "Why would you hurt me? You keep saving my life!" i said. He slowly turned to face me again. "I know that we are supose to be enemies, but i can't help but save such a girl..." he muttered, almost to himself. "What? We're not enemies!" i said. He lowered his head and sat on the bench. "Miss, see, we were desined to be eneimies. You've got your pack- I've got my pack..." he said. i said down next to him, though he shuffled away from me. "What do you mean?" i asked. He shook his head. "Well, at least tell me your name?" i asked instead. He sighed. "My name is-"
  9. I opened my eyes to see my room again. "God, i keep wainging up at bad times!" i muttered to myself, and got out of bed. My dreams keep getting weirder and weirder. I had just finished getting dressed when there was a knock on my door. "Who is it?" i shouted. "Take a guess..." i heard someone say outside. I ran to the door and opened it to find Jee there. "Hey Jee!" i said. To my suprice, Jee wrapped his arms around me. "We've got a busy day today, Sunshine," he said. "Ok!" i said, staring into his grey eyes. Funny; i sometimes keep forgetting that Jee had black hair with red tips. He seems like the school hotties that use to hang around me back when i use to go to school. Jee was wearing all black again today. I smiled at him and he let go of me, and pulled something from behind his back. "I got this for you," he said, and handed me a box. I opened it to find a locket in a shape of half a heart. On it was the letters 'LO'. I looked confused at it for a moment, but then Jee pulled out his own locket from his top. His was the opposite to mine, and had the letters 'VE' on it. He carfully put mine on around my neck, and he got hold of both and put them together. It made a heart shape spelling 'LOVE'. "Arr, that's so sweet!" i said to Jee, and he smiled. "Thank you," i said, and he turned and faced me. He stared into my eyes. "You know, Lupe, you are the first girl to make me smile. I know it might sound crazy, but, before i met you, i use to be all emo. You know, rock music, cutitng myself, all those crazy things i use to do. But, all that's stopped now, because i met you." By the time he finished speaking, he was inches away from me. I stared into his grey eyes, knowing what was about to happen. Again, like last night, he closed his eyes and brought his lips close to mine. Could this be my first kiss ever? Well, Dean says not. "Er, Lupe," Dead said, and before Jee's lips could touch mine, he pulled away. We both stared, embarrised, at where Dead was stood in the doorway. "What, Dean," i said, blushing. "Dad says you both need to get going to set now. Oh, and, save the kisses in till your sceen..." And with that, Dean left. I turned and looked at Jee, who was glaring at where Dean was stood before. "Jee, what's the matter?" i asked. "Angels are the matter..." Jee grunted, but then he stormed out of my room...
  10. Suddenly... CLIFFHANGER!!! Ha! So, what did Jee mean about "Angels are the matter."?... Will Jee be able to kiss you?... Why would Lewis commit suicide?... Who is the mystery guy?... Are your dreams really dreams?... FIND OUT IN PART TWO!!!!!!!!!!! So, how do you like it? I have wrote many other stories, just not posted them yet, so this isn't my first! So, how can i improve it? Please comment and tell me! Also, who do you think the bad guy is? I'll give you a clue; he's one of the results! ;) Oh, you may get confused with the results! They're their full names, not their nicknams... So, final question; WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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