Bleach Race Quiz (Multi-Chain quiz)

Are you a big fan of Bleach? Have you ever wondered what you would be in the world of Bleach? This quiz is the start of your journey to finding out who you truly are in the bleach world.

First of let's find out what race you are in the Bleach world. Whichever result you get will have more quizzes that are specifically for your result. Have fun!

Created by: AlienBroStar
  1. You wake up from darkness and look around you, what's the first thing you remember?
  2. Good, since you remembered that do you remember what your greatest desire was?
  3. Your desires and goals are very important, but how do you start on achieving your goal?
  4. Now that you have started you are presented with 6 gifts, which do you choose?
  5. There lie 5 paths around you, each a different color and aura with feeling. Which do you choose?
  6. You have chosen your path, you have your goal and you know what to do, now where are you?
  7. You happen to come upon a wandering soul looking for help, he has given up all hope and wants to be completely wiped out. What do you do?
  8. You find an exact copy of you wanting to fight you for a certain reason. He/she has the same abilities, same personality, and same goals as you. What do you see?
  9. Three bullies come up wanting to fight you, you look around you and realize you have no choice but to fight. How you do fight them?
  10. Legend says people are born under certain stars, each calls to a certain kind of person. Which sign calls to you?
  11. There are 5 toys to choose, one more familiar than the last. Which seems most familiar to you?
  12. You are given a choice of different missions each will impact your life in a dramatic way.
  13. Finally, you see what you are in your heart and soul. All of a sudden you hear a sound, what did it sound like? (Your journey begins)

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