Bleach: Your Human Path

So you are a human in the Bleach world, it’s okay! Even humans can be powerful. Whether it’s focusing on one thing or a jack of all trades, we will find your path!

Humans who have high spiritual pressure usually have their powers triggered by different influences. Some powers are dark like hollows, some are for good like soul reapers, and others are unusual like bounts or fullbringers. Let’s find out the nature of your hidden power!

Created by: Brogen
  1. You are working at your job and are having a very rough day so far. You had accidents where you got a few bruises and your boss asks you to complete a overdue task. They leave while calling you a bad name. What do you do?
  2. On your day off you and your friends want to go visit a place and have fun. You know your friends really well, where do you think they would go?
  3. It is time to go to sleep and begin the day anew, you starting dreaming and find yourself in an abyss of darkness. Four lights appear to you, which one calls to you?
  4. You take your path in your dream, you are confronted by a being that looks just like you. This copy's eyes begin to glow red and start attacking you with blasts of spirit energy. How do you proceed?
  5. You have defeated your darker form and awaken from your slumber. You lie in bed and think about your experience, what thoughts would most likely run through your head?
  6. After having this weird dream and going through your thoughts you start walking to school. While walking you hear a loud explosion as dust and gravel are blown out in front of you. You see a giant hollow before you and a soul reaper fighting it. What is your reaction?
  7. After having this fateful encounter, you sit at your desk in school. You feel something is amiss and close your eyes. You now see 4 different ribbons before you in a dark empty void: A red ribbon brimming with power, An orange ribbon that is peaceful yet ominous, a purple ribbon that is hungry and whispering, and a blue ribbon that shines and hums. Which do you reach out for and grab?
  8. You have selected your ribbon and decide to go forth to it's location. You find the source of power, what is your reaction?
  9. You have achieved your new found power and feel it coursing through you. You finish the rest of the day and decide to go home. What are you likely to do when you get home?
  10. You are about to go to sleep when a mysterious figure appears before you. What do they look like?

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