Which Bleach Race Are You?

So the bleach anime is returning, the thousand year blood war arc will soon be soon, so to bring back nostalgia I made this quiz for fun, lets check out which race in bleach you belong to.

This will include a lot of spoilers so if you have not read the tybw arc then I advise not taking the quiz unless you don't mid spoilers in which case go on ahead.

Created by: Falco
  1. If someone or something is causing you trouble what do you do.
  2. Swords or arrows or guns.
  3. Which colour defines your soul?
  4. Which attack would you fire at your enemy?
  5. Which is your symbol?
  6. How do your powers work?
  7. Why do you fight?
  8. Do you think all races are equal?
  9. Your leader is sending you on a mission that could endanger you and the rest of your friends, yet he shows no sympathy how do you react.
  10. If you chose not to do what your leader said, how do you think he will react.
  11. How do you address your leader?
  12. How do you envision your base?
  13. Are you exited for the return of the bleach anime?( won't change results )

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Quiz topic: Which Bleach Race am I?