black light ( part 1 )

yes this is a love story where you black out and people try to kill you but this is different ( a little differenyt ) and know random letters : hhjhguxdfgfhuhfhuvauijivixz'fkzvofdjkovojizgnrj.hf;ueahyghle.uhgnfvdzighurezbfhdjshcjhhsdhhfhrtehfnrejasgrdrf

random letters : hhsdaUSHDUEFasduggyfttfcgvgvygyhuhhhvcvfddsghbgtftftfr4454677jguggh.khgb.hgbjh.hgbjhju/ugbugugubgjhbjhgugg;iuguii;g;u;huh;uug;tguiygi

Created by: crazy person

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  1. your walking home from a birthday part ( your best friends ) soon your on the side walk its getting late too and now its raining.
  2. '' oh goody '' you say soon the sun is gone, and you see a black van behide you, they must be going the same way as me. you think. you hear foot steps behide you . and you dont remember what happiend next because you black out .
  3. you hear a vocie that is saying ''is she ok ? '' next a draker vocie says '' she should be '' your head is killing you. you open your eye is find you on a couch, and find three guys on an another couch one guy has black hair that covers one of his eyes ans his other eye is brown, his name is ash the other one is named jacob and if you watched twilight then you know who im talking about. and last is a boy that is named seth with his brown short hair and green eyes . so who do ya like ?
  4. " oh look a goth ! " said seth " cut it out seth " said jacob you look at your clothes your whereing high black boots, i one side black shirt that says " care full i bit " black shorts, " WTF AN I HERE FOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " you say so loud that all the boys hhold the hands to there ears. " ( put your name here ) i know that you want to know why in the word your here for but, you have powers that can help us you will be livoing here for a very long time jacob with show you to your room " says ash. yiu and jacxonb walj up the longist stari you ever walked in your life. " here it is _____ your room " he says as he opens a big door and you find a king sized bed, that has red & gold blankets, and like a millon pillows on the bed ( red & gold too ) you also fnd a HUGE ( and when i say HUGE i mean the hugeist closet ever made with all kinds of clothes, necklaces, earrings ., ect (i mean that is was ALOT a money ) a huge tv with all kind of movies & a billon chanels, compurt 9 FREE ALL OF ITS FREE ) and a batthroom , and a bookcase , WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT !?!??!!
  5. after you have gone to sleep its morning and you get dressed what do you where ?
  6. you hear a knock on the door and go getr it andout come seth into your room and lock the door . what do you think ?
  7. he get out a knife...
  8. he holds it to your neck...
  9. ans says " dont movie or ill kill you "

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