bff quiz (im a girl and know nothing abt guy friendships)

this quiz will give you a score on you friendship with your best friend there is 13 questions to this quiz you can do is with your best friend in the room or without

this quiz will give an honest reveiw of your friendship not being any kinder than i need to be if you get a bad score this quiz will tell you straight out that you didnt do good, good luck

Created by: kay raquel

  1. how long have u known each other
  2. how many times have you been to there house
  3. do you like there family
  4. how much do you see them
  5. how many times do you argue a month
  6. do you wish you were closer to them
  7. do you know there birthday
  8. do you know there favorite color
  9. do you trust them
  10. have they ever embarrassed you in a joking way
  11. what do you say to them most (jokingly
  12. have you ever talked bad abt them to other people
  13. why did you take this quiz

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