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Your a normal girl (you have the same name, its under _____ though). But things aren't as they seem... Your friends are hiding something, something BIG. You don't have long to find out what...

your staying with your best friend all seven weeks of the summer holidays, whilst your brother is being dragged of on a holiday to Benidorm! Can't argue with mum!

Created by: Eloise
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  1. This is my first story quiz but not my first quiz. I hope this quiz will get somewhere... I have trouble fitting my imagination on paper, the start of this quiz will be pretty normal but it will get crazy and fun and mysterious... This part is basically explaining how everything starts and sets a few scenes.Thank you to anyone who does read this. I will be great full. If you read the other parts and like them please try and tell people about this, if you can. Thanks (even if you don't tell people or comment or rate the thing that matters is that you're actually reading this!)
  2. "_____!!!" Your mum calls. "Mmmm..." You grumble. Your bed is so comfortable, why do you haft to leave it!? ...Oh yeah, last day of school. Summer holidays! "Come on, you'll be late for your last day!" "Can't I just skive?" You say even though you know the answer. "Ok, but you won't be staying with Ella." She says cheerily. You suddenly remember your spending the HOLE holiday with your best friend ever!!!!! "Ok... Just a second!" You call back even though you'll probably take 5 minutes to get out of bed.
  3. You get out of bed. It's cold... You don't like it... You talk like this now... Just kidding!... It is cold though. You look at the wardrobe, it seems so far away... "Tom!" You call your younger brother (that you totally take advantage of) "Yes." An annoyed 13 year old says. "Get my clothes please." You grin. "Why should I?" He says back. "Because if you don't I'll tell Amy you kissed Zoey behind her back." "Ok ok! I'm going!" He says, "I wish my sister wasn't such a ninja..." You heard him mutter.
  4. You got changed into your black uniform (it's really cool, you have a dark electric blue tie, a white shirt, jet black trousers or almost any length black skirt with tights and black shoes -girls are allowed black heels). The thing you love about your uniform is the black dragon at the bottom of your tie. It's not a Chinese dragon, it's more realistic...and cool. Ever seen 'How to train your dragon'? Well it's a bit like a black skrill.
  5. You go down to breakfast and take out kraves. Yummy! Your brother tries to start a conversation. "So... How was your day?" "I don't know it's just started." You reply. "You know what I meant... How are you?" "Couldn't care less about that sentence, you?" "...Great. I can't believe that you get to stay with your best friend and I haft to go to Benidorm." "What's wrong with Benidorm?" "Every time someone wired wins a lot of money they always say 'We're off to Benidorm!'." You laugh at his remark. It's true...
  6. You soon finish eating and put your bowl in the sink. Your brother does the same straight after. Does he want to talk to you? You walk out the kitchen followed by him... You both pick up your bags after getting your coats on. And you both walk out the door... Except it takes you longer than expected, lets just say, because you got stuck when you both tried to get out of the door at the same time.
  7. Once you get out the door, you say to him "Are you ok?" "Yes, just jealous of you." He says openly. "I hope you have a good day at your school." "We go to the same school." He says and walks on the bus. You get on the bus yourself and spot him chatting away to his friends. Suddenly someone hugs you from your back "Ahhh! Your staying at mine tonight _____!!!" You'd know that voice anywhere, it's Ella your bestie!
  8. "Ella!" You say exited to see her. "_____, I can guarantee today will be perfect!" -A few hours later- "Yay!!! Lunch time is now my favourite time of day!" Ella said as you left the assembly hall. "Why? Is it because we can escape a boring assembly where the evil head teacher lies about how much he'll miss us all." "You know me so well." Ella said and you both laughed.
  9. Nothing much happened until hometime. Ella was going crazy with excitement! The closer it got to the end of the day, the crazier she got. As you were walking to her house, you brought her house into the conversation. "So, what's your house like?" As soon as you said that, the joy in her eyes disappeared. You could tell she didn't want to talk about it... but why?
  10. "...It's...well...big..." She said in the plainest voice that she could do. "Ohh. How many people live there?" "...Not many... You'll find out when you get there. Anyway last night-" you stopped listening to her. Why wouldn't she want to talk about her house? Is there something wrong with it? When I get there I might have to go explore the place, ALONE.
  11. Suddenly she stopped you. "We're here!" she excitedly announced (if that's even grammatical correct). You looked up and saw a MASSIVE house. "That's your house!!!!!" you exclaimed. "Mm hm." she answered. "Those are flats, right?" "Nope, it's one big house... And we own it all!!!" "..." you're speechless. "Pretty impressive, hu?" she opened the door, "you coming or what?" "...Ok then." you nod and walk in.
  12. The first room is full of shelves with shoes on them and pegs with coats hanging on them. Ella took your coat and hung it up. You took your shoes off, she took them too. She put them on a shelve. Without a word she lead you through the only door. It followed into a round hallway without any walls except the one before it. The floor was a really dark wooden laminate. To your left there was a really bright living room that followed on to somewhere. To your right was a dining room that also followed on to somewhere. And in front of you was a beautiful modern, twisting, glass staircase.
  13. "How many rooms do you have?" you ask. "A library, a joint bar and living room, a kitchen, a dining room, two game rooms, an office, a study, five bedrooms and a few more... A lot." she listed. "Ok." you say and continue looking round.
  14. She walks to the room on your left (the joint living room). You both sit down on the huge sofa and watch TV (on the thing that could be used in a cinema, seriously). Suddenly Ella's mum walks in, "Hi girls! Great to see you, _____!" "Hi!" you say. "How was your day?" she asked. "Terrible." You and Ella say in unison (in case you don't know that means at the same time). "Ohh, well it's over now. I have to go now, see ya girls!" she said and walked off. A few hours later, the door burst open! Ella didn't move at all. What is happening!? Whatever it is your ready to fight! You heard laughter. It was soft and calming, it sounded like an angel had just walked into the house. Suddenly a figure walked in and your urge to fight disappeared. It was a school boy around 17, just a year older than you. He had light-ish brown hair with hints of gold in it. He was tall and the light from the setting sun shining through the door on him made him look like an angel as well as sound like one. When he stopped laughing he opened his eyes and looked at you. He had deep blue eyes (ever see inside out? Well they're the same as joy's eyes). When he spoke it was like everything in the world was perfect and your soul had just been cleansed, "Wow... You didn't just pick any one to be your best friend Ella." Ella leaned forward to see you and him, "I'm fine with being your sister in law, _____." You blushed immensely, "ELLA!!!". You punched her arm what seemed like a million times, whilst she was crying with laughter. He started laughing again and spoke, "Ella, ...your evil and embarrassing." "That's not nice!" she said. "Hey, he's just being factual." you say, laughing yourself. Ella was now glaring at both of you. The boy shut the doors and dropped his stuff on the floor next to yours and Ella's. He then walked in, "Hi, I'm Jack." he greeted. "You can just call him... Jack-pack!!!" Ella said wildly. "Just because I wore a backpack, ONCE!" he said to Ella. And then he looked back at you, "You deserve a medal for putting up with her." he joked. You smiled at him, he smiled back. "Ok!!! Moving on! This is my boring brother-" "I'm boring?!?!?! All you do is shop all day!" Jack interrupted. "Totally random, but you both have really common names." you said -totally randomly. Jack started laughing and Ella looked puzzled.
  15. "Where are the others?" Ella asked. Others!? What does she mean others? "I don't know, I'll go get them." Jack said and walked outside. "That's my brother Jack." Ella said, "he's 17.". "Your brothers cool." you say accidentally. "He over powers me. But ya know I try to be the best one." "I know. I have a brother, ...but I over power him." you say. "Your right he is cool... Hey,..." Ella says. "What?" you say. "...you've got to admit, he's hot." "What?!?!?!?!?!" You shout. "Oh come on, if he wasn't my brother I'd date him." "That's disturbing." Jack says leaning against the big ache splitting the living room and the hallway. Ella doesn't know how to react, Jacks smirking and your laughing uncontrollably.
  16. Suddenly, three other people walk in. Two boys and one girl. "Hi, ____." The girl says and you suddenly realise who it is. "OMG!!! Ayania!" You run up to her and hug her.
  17. "Umm, ok _____ you can let go now." "But I haven't seen you in so long! Is it even you?" "Yes of course it's me!" Ayania says. "Give me a sign." You smile. "Really?" she says. You smirk. "Bumbum." she says in defeat. "It really is you!!!" you say, and to irritate her even more, you hug her tighter. "Hhh." she sighs and then Ella hugs her to. "You made it!" Ella says. "Great... Now, GET OFF ME!" she says pushing you both away. "The three ants together at last!!!" you say. "The Amazing World of Gumball!" You all say together.
  18. "So, who are the rest of you?" You ask. "That's my 2 friends, Corey," he said pointing to a tall, light brown haired boy with a mischievous smile, "and Chris." He said pointing to the other one, he was a bit smaller than Jack with black hair, very pail skin and had a very small smile. "And you already know mine and Ella's friend Ayania." He said looking at Yania in her black outfit.
  19. "Well, I'm _____." you say. "Now everyone knows each other, SLEEPOVER!!!!!" Ella announced. Louise (Ella and Jack's mum) walked in "Great now you should probably go to your room." and walked back out. "Are rooM?" You say. "Ella thought it would be twice the fun if we sheared the biggest bedroom. I know." Ayania whispered to you.
  20. Whilst everyone was going upstairs, you saw a thrown away post it note. You picked it up and it read: L, 243 the library. Before 4:00. You know why. J.E.C.C.A. That was it. Mysterious because, L for Louise, J for Jack, E for Ella, C for Corey, C for Chris and A for Ayania. 4:00 is when you and Ella came home from school. When you asked Ella about the rooms in the house she said the library so if you came across it you wouldn't have any suspicions and she said it first so you wouldn't be able to ask about it. Also she hates lying to you so that's why she looked almost sad when you mentioned her house. "_____, are you coming?" Jack said looking down at you. You closed your hand, hiding the note. "Jack, you'd tell me if you were hiding something." He hesitated, "...Of course! Now come on, the others are waiting." he said going back upstairs with a hint of sadness he was clearly trying to hide. You put the note in your back pocket. They are hiding something and your gonna find out what!...

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