Betrayed part 2

Muhahaha. It's part 2. So take my quiz. I've got more twist come later parts. So shall you be betrayed by my wonderful charaters or will you survie the heart-break. Also a new charater comes into play. But he's a minor charater. I'll throw in some best friends next time.

Freinds Brittany-Blonde prep. Meghan-Annoying while quiet. Vitoria-Red headed crazy person. Ciara-The violent person who "adopted" Meghan. Christina-The quiet smart one. Well all of them are really smart so yeah....

Created by: Mihilo
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  1. So you and Carter are sitting by the pond. It is mid-night. Then another guy comes in. You at first think is James but when you turn around, as best as you can, it isn't him. Instead it's your ex-boyfriend who broke up with you for a diffrent girl.
  2. Carter wraps his arms around you and says "What the hell do you want Anothny?" He just stand there glaring at Carter and sstaring at you.
  3. "Oh _____ I miss you come back." Now you and him have been broken up for like 3 months now. You reply by saying "You left me broken. And now what do you want to be together again!" He relpies with a little shake of his head.
  4. You wait a second. Carter lets go of your waist and then you puch Anothny in the face. He stummbles back in shock. Anger and pain cross his face."WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?" Instead of saying anything you stalk off. On your way you run into James. "Yo ____ why don't you walk with me for a bit." Out of the blue you ask James "What time is it?" "Quarter to 1. Why?" You mutter something and walk home. James abrutaly cuts you off. "What the hell let me home!"
  5. "Sorry but..." You just push him out of the way. Along you mutter, "I knew this would happen it always does!" You start to jogg home. Quietly you walk in then a cat comes from behind your door.
  6. You stare at it and without warning your knocked on your butt. "Ouch" Then you walk into your room and fall asleep. You wake up at 6am to find James and Carter by your bed. Anothny is far far away from you, but still in the same room.
  7. "_____ We can do this the easy way or the hard way." James says. "What!" "We lied to you because of how much your into Science." With that you get kncoked out AGAIN.
  8. You wake up in a grassy plain. You look around. You see a group of people. The biggest one looks at you and says "Would you like to know the truth about you?" It then hits you. That you've forgotten everything.
  9. Cliff hanger!
  10. Also you imagin the boys how you like because there may be a big diffrence it what you like and what you like.
  11. Who are you luving?
  12. Will you come back for part 3?

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