Betrayed part 13

Ok sorry I took so long I was just kicked off the computer so I couldn't make more. Please forgive me and relize that I am trying really hard too contune the quiz. If you want a recap then go look at the sencond paraghraph.

You found out you have powers, you meet Carter and James. Then Ciara is evil Meghan is un-willingly evil. Your hiking along trying to find a way to save the earthh from Ciara's wrath, and James is missing you.

Created by: Mihilo
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  1. You run over to Carter, sobbing his name over and over.Waking over he says "Carlotta, what happend?" You explain what happens, while Brittany heals him and Victoria creats rings of protection.
  2. You contuine onto your journy, it's quiet for the most part. Every night your the most heavly guarded. You really only met wildlife that didn't harm you.
  3. Then on the 11th day you spot an unual sight. zIt's a group of people. Your first thout is "It's Robin Hood and his menn", cosously you call out to them. It turns out that they are a diffrent type of Robin Hood.
  4. "Greating fair traveliers, we would like you to come join us on our merry way." Carter comes in cutting in says "In your dreams Phil, drop the act now." As if a light switch went off he dropped the act. "May I introduce you to my brother Phil." He took a bow.
  5. "They are here to help protect you because it's going to be a lot harder. Ciara's powers have grown and that's a very abd sign."
  7. Will you come back for part 14?
  8. Do you forgive me for taking my time?
  9. Who did you get last time?
  10. Who do you love?
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