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Good day. Please take this quiz to determine your house. Once this is done, you can join your house chat room. Your house mates are going to be like family during your time here. You will be Bellefeuille, Ombrelune or Papillonlisse.

Please take this in character. You may only take this once. Once done, screenshot your results and put it in the comment section below. Thank you. ~Headmistress Dawn

Created by: Amelia Dawn

  1. You're faced with three paths. The first leads to a lively forest, animals peeping out to say hello. The second leads to a cliff over looking the ocean, a moon high in the sky. The final leads to a meadow alive with color. Which do you choose to take?
  2. Given the choice, would you rather be the best at art, the most respected or the most brave?
  3. You enter a cave. There are three chest in front of you. One, smells of home, it's purple with sliver metal. The second is green with a forest carved into it. The third looks like the night sky and smells of plum. Which one do you open?
  4. Hunt or heal?
  5. Night or day?
  6. What do you value most? Friends, family or foes?
  7. Your worts nightmare just came true. How do people react?
  8. Your best dream just came true. What happened?
  9. Heads or tails?
  10. Left or right?

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