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  • Your Result: Brett

    He brings you out into the back. No one is out there but you. He takes you over to a grove of trees. You lie down and looked at the stars. Brett slides closer to you and begins making out with you. You kiss him back. He leans closer and closer and soon his hands are on your waist and slowly sliding up your shirt. You pull away and try to get up and leave but he grabs you and pulls you back down. You struggle and slap but he is stronger than you and pins you down. He reaches up and unclasps your bra...(finish in comments)


    I feel that I am not ready so I kick him in his balls and run off.

  • Chase: He grins at me when i step out into the backyard. i feel slightly nervous. As soon as i am out there he begins to kiss me and hold me tenderly. He sways with me as i stand together. i lie down and look at the stars. He takes my hand and leans closer. He kisses my forehead and whispers.. " i love you, princess." then, we hug for the rest of the night and sleep under the stars until sunrise..

  • Your result:jake

    When you are outside, he steps away from you. You know he doesn't like this kind of thing, so you stay away too, trying not to hurt his feelings. You sit down and wait, when suddenly he is grabbing your waist and...

    He puts his arm up your shirt,and you let makeout with him then you do much more. . . . . .;) you ladies know what i mean ;);)-wink.wink-

  • Your Result: Danny

    He takes you out into the backyard and you step away quickly. He has braces. But in seconds he is right next to you again, trying to slip off your skirt. You scream and he laughs harder. You (finish in comments) I kick his ass and find my boyfriend and get some ice-cream :P

  • Chase: whispers I love you and you two cuddle under the moonlight

  • Chase: He turns over on his side and smiles. Then he tickles you and you guys giggle and kiss some more. :D

  • Awww you have to finish in the comments :( btw first

  • chas:he grins at me as i enter the backyard i feel slightly nervous as soon as i try to kiss him he pushes me away an says (b---- PLZ I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO BTW UR UGLY ) THTS HOW I FEEL EVERYDAY OF MY LIF I WANT TO END IT KNOW GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR REAWR

    emo kupkake

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