Arou a true Arianator?

There are many Arianators, but few true Arianators, like me :) find out if you'reone, right here. I am the #1 Arianator in the universe! Keep researching!

Are you a true Arianator? Do you know everything about Ariana Grande? Until now, you probably wondered: "Am I a TRUE Arianator?" And now you can. Right here right now!

Created by: Kenna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Ariana's favorite color?
  2. If Ariana could merry one animated character. Who would it be?
  3. Which series is Ariana obsessed with?
  4. Which two characters in Harry Potter are Ariana's favorites?
  5. When is Ariana's birthday?
  6. What is Ariana's natural hair color?
  7. Which of these songs are NOT on her album. Yours Truly?
  8. How old is Ariana in April 2014? (Now)
  9. Which of these are not one of Ariana's quotes?
  10. What is Ariana's Youtube channel called?
  11. What is Ariana's favorite song she wrote/sang?
  12. Are you an Arianator?
  13. Confetti! (Doesn't have to do with quiz...)
  14. Did you like the quiz?
  15. Bye

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